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Conference room AV solutions for meeting rooms, conference rooms and more.  Hybrid Working is introducing the need for video conferencing and a remodelling of your office space.  Leading services and best in class suppliers give us the edge in redesigning your meeting rooms.

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    AV Solutions & Video Conferencing

    Meeting rooms, AV Solutions and much more

    Hybrid Working empowers your workforce for remote working whilst still needing to join meetings at the office.  Equip your meeting rooms with conference room AV Solutions.  Bring remote participants and office based teams together with the best technology and design your workplace with a variety of room sizes: small, medium, large rooms.  Equip lecture theatres and reception areas with engaging screens, and facilitate the booking of a meeting room with room booking systems. Avoira can help you design, install and support your offices with a conference room AV system for various meeting spaces.

    Elevating Collaboration with AV Solutions
    Navigating the Hybrid Workplace:

    Elevating Collaboration with AV Solutions

    In today’s hybrid workplace, where employees seamlessly transition between remote and in-office work, the need for cutting-edge audiovisual (AV) solutions has never been more crucial. As companies embrace the hybrid work model, incorporating state-of-the-art AV technology becomes essential for fostering effective communication and collaboration.

    Hybrid workplace AV solutions cater to the diverse needs of meeting rooms and remote workers alike. Video conferencing, a key component of these solutions, bridges the gap between in-office and remote participants, facilitating seamless collaboration. With advanced video conferencing systems and software, organizations can ensure that every meeting participant, regardless of location, feels connected and engaged.

    Collaborative solutions for meeting spaces are designed to enhance the hybrid work environment. Equipped with the right AV systems, these spaces accommodate both in-person and virtual collaboration effortlessly. Ad hoc meetings become more dynamic with AV technology supporting unified communications, allowing teams to interact as if they were in the same room.

    Choosing the right AV solutions is paramount for effective communication in the hybrid workplace. Companies investing in AV tools and equipment tailored to their specific needs ensure that technical support is readily available, creating a collaborative environment that goes beyond traditional meeting rooms.

    In summary, hybrid workplace AV solutions, powered by cutting-edge video conferencing and collaborative technologies, redefine how organizations communicate in today’s dynamic work landscape. Embracing these advancements ensures that businesses can navigate the complexities of the hybrid model, fostering a culture of seamless communication and collaboration among all employees, whether in the office or working remotely.

    Places for People
    Case Study

    Places for People

    Places for People was previously equipped with an ageing two-vendor video conferencing estate, which did not offer a standardised user solution. Places for People committed to a permanent move to hybrid working which meant video conferencing could be deployed across all parts of the business. In achieving this, Places for People also wanted to create a standard user experience, based around Microsoft Teams Rooms.

    The project enabled a new hybrid working model and through collaboration with Avoira each meeting room was equipped with the right product for the purpose of the meeting room.  With multiple meeting room sizes a range of Logitech equipment was provided.  All wrapped up with a services package ensures the rooms are always available and upgrades are done seamlessly.

    “Without the solutions delivered by Avoira we couldn’t do what we do, it’s as simple as that” – Martin Hassall-Lees, Senior Project Manager, Workplace Solutions, Places For People.

    Room solutions for every meeting
    Let's Meet - Article

    Room solutions for every meeting

    The world of work has changed forever. Last year the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development reported that 78% of organisations had embraced hybrid working. With some employees working daily in the office, some from home and some splitting their time between both, employers are reassessing how they can make best use of their office space. This is not just about supporting concepts such as hot desking, but in delivering flexible meeting room AV solutions which foster efficient communication and collaboration, regardless of whether they are remote participants or an employee is attending in person. Careful thought needs to be given as to how meeting spaces should be physically reimagined, as well as to the technologies which can optimise their effectiveness. In this article we’ll touch on a few things you might want to consider, whilst drawing on the experiences of those who have already successfully redesigned their meeting spaces.

    Embrace flexibility

    Embrace flexibility

    The new work dynamic means many organisations will need offer a range of meeting rooms with audio visual solutions. With staff and managers juggling their time between office and remote locations, flexibility is key.
    Spaces may need to support the small collaborative huddle, the midsized team gathering, the conference room meeting or a theatre-style presentation. Each will require different audio visual solutions to deliver effective communication, enable equitable engagement, empower collaboration and optimise productivity.

    Not all meetings are the same. Their participants, purpose, format and venue vary. The challenge that variety presents makes sourcing expert, vendor-independent audio visual solutions expertise  imperative. Every meeting space needs to be separately evaluated to determine which meeting room technology will secure the best outcome. This means not just understanding how and by whom a space is going to be used, but of any obstacles, such as a noisy air-conditioning unit, which might present an idiosyncratic challenge. However, there are some rule-of-thumb pointers that can help inform the type and combinations of video conferencing devices that might typically serve different meeting room solutions.

    Huddle / Small Rooms
    Size: 16’ by 16’ | 2-6 people

    Huddle / Small Rooms

    Serving a smaller space, with a need for only a restricted audio visual reach, can involve a relatively simply set up.

    A key consideration will be the available field of view.

    Huddle rooms will frequently feature a table sited close or even right up to the screen.

    Here, in order for everyone in the room to be seen you will need a camera that offers a full 180-degree field of view such as Jabra’s Panacast 50.

    The meeting room AV technology selection for this kind of office environment is key.

    Medium Rooms
    Size: 18’ by 20’ | 6-12 people

    Medium Rooms

    The meeting space now offers a greater audio visual solutions challenge, demanding a more sophisticated solution.
    Rather than a small integrated videobar or webcam, a high-definition pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera will be required to cover the room and its occupants.
    Attention will also need to be paid to audio pick-up to ensure everyone in the room can be heard. Here deployment of technology such as the Poly X50 may assist.
    This impressively capable video conferencing system incorporates an acoustic fence which, as he name suggests, blocks outside sounds and  suppresses background noise.
    It allows you to define the fence perimeter (within its operational capabilities) and cleverly identifies when someone is speaking within it. It simultaneously lowers sound outside the fence, improving vocal clarity.

    Large & Conference Rooms
    Size: 15’ by 32’ | 12-16 people

    Large & Conference Rooms

    As the room size increases, so does the scale of the audio visual technology challenge, with a significantly more sophisticated solution required. Here, a single PTZ camera is unlikely to suffice in a large or conference room. Deploying multiple cameras will ensure the video feed captures all participants, whilst the addition of a presenter camera will enable display of the presenter alongside a view of the wider room. If the room is to feature a whiteboard, it may also make sense to specify a content camera. Furthermore, the audio pick-up will need be extended to ensure the conference room is fully covered. Further challenges may be presented if seating and tabling layouts are flexible, technologies which can successfully meet the needs of these more testing environments include Yealink’s MVC960 Microsoft Teams Room System (PDF) which can support as many as nine cameras. This might be complemented by Yealink VCM38 ceiling microphones. Each of these units incorporates eight microphones to deliver 360o voice pick-up and extend reach. Integrated beamforming technology also automatically locates and optimises an individual speaker’s voice.

    Informal Meeting Spaces

    Informal Meeting Spaces

    By their nature and purpose, the layout of informal meeting spaces tends to be flexible, their size small and they need to support wireless presentation solutions.
    This means they may be best served by a plug and play mobile solution which can be moved within and between informal meeting spaces.
    A good example is Yealink’s Zoom and Microsoft Teams certified Meeting Board audio visual systems. Offering either a 65” or 85” whiteboard, this integrated solution incorporates an AIpowered 4k PTZ camera with speaker-tracking, auto-framing, multi-focus framing and picture-within-picture functionality. This is complemented by full duplex audio with 16 beamform equipped microphone arrays.

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