Assessment Services

An assessment allows us to understand your situation.  We can then recommend the best solution for you.

From vision to strategy through a robust business process
Assessment Services

From vision to strategy through a robust business process

As part of our Assessment services, Avoira’s expert consultants work through a defined business analysis process with you to arrive at specific outcomes, recommendations and actions.

Our consultants engage with key stakeholders, assess the current situation, provide comprehensive reports and design a strategic recommended remediation plan including investment models and ROIs. Providing a 360degree view of your environment.

Our service is built on fully understanding your business, technology and vision for the future. Together, we will develop a business-aligned strategy.

Explore Assessment Services

  • Voice Assessment

    Detailed Telephony and Voice Platforms Assessment Service:

    We are experts in what we do. Not only are we accredited to advise and supply our solutions, but we also have a fully trained and professional team of consultants who are able to assist with site assessments.

    Whether you are looking to:

    • Expand your current telephony estate
    • Migrate your voice platform to modern technologies
    • Enable your workforce to embrace unified communications
    • Analyse your telephony connectivity consumption
    • Or need our expert advice in maximising usage and maintenance with your current estate
  • Cyber Assessment

    Protect Your Information and Data:

    We provide a range of protections against ransomware and other network vulnerabilities as well as cyber protection readiness assessments.

    Review your business’s network infrastructure and application controls to determine how to protect information and data with Avoira cybersecurity posture.

    Key Benefits:

    • Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day.  Source: University of Maryland
    • 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing. Source: Accenture
    • 82% of employers report a shortage of cybersecurity skills. Source: ISSA
    • The worldwide information security market is forecast to reach $170.4 billion in 2022.

    What Policies, Processes and Protocols are Reviewed?

    • IT strategy, plan, policies and procedures
    • Data mapping
    • Network infrastructure components
    • Server positioning
    • Workstation deployment
    • Vulnerability management
    • Intrusion detection and Event Logging
    • Website and interest domain
    • Wireless
    • Email
    • BYOD (bring your own device)
    • Access (including remote access)
    • SDLC (software development lifecycle)
    • Backup, storage and recovery
    • Third party provider security
    • Change management
    • Staff training and awareness
  • Network and Security Assessment

    Minimise the Risk:

    Introducing new workloads to the network always creates some risk to performance and bandwidth bottlenecks.

    Our network readiness assessment will provide a detailed insight into your network to ensure fitness for purpose for new solution deployments or to identify network weaknesses which may be impacting existing solution deployments.


    • Initial network review
    • Calculating anticipated bandwidth requirements
    • Testing the network (LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi)
    • Providing recommended practices based on the required solution

    By using these steps, we unveil any potential risks and ensure you are prepared and know how to maintain a great network foundation for any deployment.

    Following the analysis of the information obtained during the testing and analysis we will produce a detailed findings document and summary of recommendations (including quotation for any remedial work).

  • Coverage Assessment

    Professional On-Site Coverage Assessment Survey:

    We are experts in what we do. Accredited to advise and supply our solutions, we also have a fully trained and professional team of consultants who can assist with site assessments.

    Whether you are looking to expand your footprint, or experiencing black spots within your coverage, we can assess site and advise on any issues or remedial works that can overcome the challenges you are facing.

    Our strategy is to conduct on site surveying and testing of equipment to provide reassurance that either equipment is working as it should do or needs a simple expansion or design change to enable the coverage you expect from your wireless infrastructure.

    Predictive Survey:

    The predictive coverage survey service gives an indicative scope of deployment, for budgetary purposes.

    The report can be used to make decisions about allotting suitable budget for the project.

    The next steps would be to confirm suitability by undertaking a coverage survey on site.

    On-Site Coverage Survey:

    The onsite coverage survey service will confirm the predictive plans and enable the design team to specify the exact requirements for the solution being deployed.

    It also provides information such as cabling and infrastructure requirements and will enable us to compile a scope of works to be passed to the relevant project manager, project delivery and implementation team.

    Potential interference will be investigated and if discovered, specialist spectrum analysis tools will be used and changes made accordingly.

    Signal to noise ratios (SNR) and signal strength (RSSI) will be captured and become crucial information within the design of the system.

    Commissioning Survey:

    The commissioning survey will provide validation of the recently commissioned or modified system and the assurance the system is optimised according to the live environment.

    The survey will confirm that the solution is deployed as per the design and coverage requirements of the customer and will test that the equipment is operating as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

    Signal to noise ratios (SNR) and signal strength (RSSI) will be captured and become crucial information within the system build documentation.