Professional Services

For when you have requirements that require the personal touch.

Professional Services

Customers are looking for more than just an organisation they can buy from

Our customers want a true partner that is going to bring real value, a company that will understand their objectives and most of all provides true measurable outcomes of implementing technology.

With over 40 years’ experience, we are proud of our enviable and unrivalled reputation for our expertise. Our accredited consultants, project managers and engineers have a wealth of experience.

Our professional services encompass all elements of the project from designing, to delivering and deploying the solution.

Our team pride themselves on providing best in class service and will always meet our customers’ expectations and requirements.

Explore Professional Services

  • Consultation and Design

    Avoira adopt a consultative approach to all our projects from the outset. We collaborate with you to understand your business challenges and requirements, to align the correct products and services to help you overcome these business challenges.

    Following a first Discovery Workshop, our experienced team of Technical Consultants and Solution Architects will produce a high-level solution design (HLD), which could include a number of options for consideration.

    Based on the high-level design (HLD), bespoke product demonstrations would be conducted showing casing the solution to show how we can help you in overcoming your business challenges and requirements. If required, a Proof-of-Concept deployment (POC) could be discussed and supplied, to measure tangible outputs that would fall into the final Design phase.

  • Project Management

    At Avoira we understand and recognise the importance of Project Management and the key role that it plays in the delivery of successful Projects.

    Upon acceptance of the proposal, our Avoira Project Management Office (PMO) will manage all elements of the project deliverables, following industry standard methodologies and practices.

    A nominated Project Manager will be assigned, and their role will be to function as the focal point for all stakeholders involved with the Project. The dedicated Project Manager will be supported by a dedicated team of specialists needed for the project, who will all follow the industry standard practices such as the Prince2 Methodology.

    This approach gives our clients a single point of contact, who will manage all ownership, responsibilities and Escalations.

    When delivering Projects, a key consideration at Avoira is to ensure a logical structure and sequence of events (SoE) is agreed and followed, with controls and checks in place. Our standard approach would typically include the following steps:

    • Project Discovery phase
    • Project Staging
    • Project Implementation
    • Proof of Concept (POC) – if appropriate
    • System Testing
    • Solution User Acceptance Testing
    • Project Bring into Service
    • Project sign off and closure


    The levels of client requirement and involvement will vary depending on the complexity of the Project and these will be discussed and determined at Project Take-On and Project initialization meetings.

    Client involvement and requirements should never be underestimated when running Projects, and our approach and desire from Project Take-On is to build and develop our client relationship, so that we become a trusted advisor and confidante, and not just another service provider.

  • Engineering, Installation & Deployment

    Avoira’s nationwide team of Engineers are accredited to the highest levels by all manufacturers. Our best-in-class engineering team pride themselves in being multi skilled in all aspects of implementation and deployment of systems and solutions.

    Where relevant the engineers hold Government level Security Clearance, CSCS cards, IPAF licenses and are Safe contractor accredited to name just a few.

    Working closely with the Project Management Team and Lead Project Solution Architect, the dedicated team of Project Engineers will be assigned to deploy your solution.

    Following a comprehensive internal project handover/initiation meeting, the team will work closely with there peers to remain fully engaged with your key stakeholders throughout the implementation in order to ensure a smooth deployment and service transition, to agreed timescales, and will remain engaged for an agreed period following go-live until the service is handed over to our BAU support team.

  • Service Delivery

    Avoira offer a full-Service Delivery Management service which encompasses the entire sales journey from the initial order placement to the final product delivery and after-sales support. We know that excellent Service Delivery support plays a crucial role in shaping the overall customer experience and satisfaction. Effective Service Delivery brings many significant benefits and advantages:


    1. Efficiency and Timeliness: many of our customers often have high-volume demands, complex requirements, and strict timelines. Our well-structured service delivery process ensures efficiency in handling large-scale operations and enables timely delivery of services. This helps customers meet their own deadlines, achieve operational targets, and maintain smooth business processes.


    1. Customization and Scalability: Avoira can provide tailored solutions to match our customers unique needs. Our robust service delivery management allows for customization, where services can be modified or adapted to align with specific customer requirements. This ensures that Avoira customers receive personalised attention and can easily scale their services as their business grows.


    1. Dedicated Account Management: Avoira customers often benefit from having a dedicated account manager or team responsible for overseeing their service delivery. This provides a single point of contact for addressing queries, resolving issues, and coordinating all aspects of the service relationship. Dedicated account management ensures better communication, accountability, and a stronger partnership between Avoira and the customer.


    1. Value-added Services: Avoira customers often require additional support beyond the core services they receive. Avoira can always enhance our offerings by providing value-added services such as training, consulting, or proactive problem-solving. These value-added services help our customers optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and achieve business objectives.


    1. Long-term Cost Savings: Establishing a strong service delivery framework for our customers can lead to long-term cost savings. By minimizing errors, reducing downtime, and optimizing resource allocation, our Service Delivery management can maximize your return on investment. In addition, efficient service delivery reduces the need for customer intervention, freeing up time and resources for other critical activities.


    In summary, Avoira’s Service Delivery Management process benefits our customers by providing efficient, customizable, and scalable services. It ensures timely delivery, personalized attention, streamlined processes, and added value, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction, enhanced productivity, and long-term cost savings.

  • Maintenance and Support

    At Avoira we understand that your time is also your money. What’s more, every tick of the clock can see a problem develop into crisis. A rapid response and repair of a communication systems failure is critical.

    Avoira understand that it is imperative to reduce downtime and minimise business disruption.

    That’s why we offer a range of support and maintenance packages to provide a fast and flexible customer care service.

    Co-ordinated through our dedicated Service Control Centre, following ITIL methodology, Avoiras experienced Support engineers deliver exceptionally responsive assistance.

    For system critical faults, you can benefit from the personal attention of a qualified engineer within just four hours. Many of the UK’s most sensitive and time-critical organisations rely on Avoira to protect their network integrity.

    This includes the emergency services, nuclear licensed sites, mining operations, petrochemical installations and mission-critical 24/7 control rooms. Over 2,000 private and public sector organisations already benefit from Avoira support services.

  • Repairs & Advanced Replacement

    Avoira’s workshop offers physical repairs to a variety of products at electronic component / PCB level. Our team of experienced, certified, Workshop Technicians repair devices and equipment with official manufacturer’s spare parts and fully evaluate the equipment to manufacturers standards before they are released back into operation.

    We carry a large inventory of Critical spares and offer a rapid advanced replacement swap out service across much of our product range, enabling equipment to be back into service in a prompt fashion in case of a fault or failure.

  • Training & Education

    Training is key to the successful deployment of any solution!

    A large part of any deployment of innovative technologies supplied by Avoira, focuses on training and knowledge sharing to empower our end users with the best working practices and a full understanding of the technology they have invested in.

    Avoira provides tailored end user training and education sessions in a variety of environments and mediums. This accommodates a variety of learning styles and provides a convenient and effortless way of learning.

    Avoira will work with your organisation to understand and create a training plan that consists of a combination of the below options for end users, Power users (‘train the trainer’) or both:

    • Classroom based (On or Off Site)
    • Full onboarding sessions to ensure the successful user adoption of your new solution.
    • Live online seminar
    • Video material
    • Bespoke Training Material such as simple sheets, FAQ’s and handouts.
    • Floor Walking or Drop-in sessions.
    • Desk drops and hard copy guides.
    • Power user support
    • Train the Trainer