You can give your customers and staff a seamless experience with our range of consumer-focused retail solutions, designed to drive efficiency, reduce costs and increase your profitability.

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    Solutions for retail

    • Audio Visual & Video Conferencing

      Avoira work with leading suppliers of Audio Visual technologies.  From equipping meeting rooms, retail shops, etc, we have the solution.  Providing small to large digital display screens, audio equipment etc and the expertise to design spaces for all kinds of needs.  Talk to us about your AV/VC needs.

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    • Direct routing

      Direct Routing is a simple add on that enables PSTN calling through Microsoft Teams on any device.

      Direct Routing is a cloud-based service and so can be set up in minutes.

      Now you can bring all users onto one platform by using Microsoft Teams for collaboration, messaging and voice across all devices.

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    • Network solutions

      With a variety of network solutions we can support retail companies and stores with all kinds of networking requirements. From establishing a broadband connection to deploying WiFi networks, we have a range of suppliers who can supply best-in-class products.

      With the PSTN / ISDN network switch off, talk to us to ensure that your network is ready and don’t get caught scrambling like a lot of others.

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    • Managed IT & Cyber Security

      When managing the IT network at your retail company needs specialist support, contact Avoira to understand how we can provide anything from full managed IT support through to bolt-on services that are an extension to the IT provision that you have today.

      Ensure that your network is safe from cyber criminals by talking to us about to deploy the latest cyber security across your network.  For example, have you considered how your company would handle a ransomware attack? Contact us to enquire about a vulnerability check today.

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    • Contact Centre & Speech Analytics

      We provide full contact centre communication suites from Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) and Unified Comms as a Service (UCaaS).

      Consider speech analytics for your contact centre.  This transformational technology supports your staff dealing with customers over the phone, to ensure compliance, improve quality and identify vulnerability.  Contact us to find out how speech analytics can give you so much more.

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    • Radio & Radio Hire

      Retail needs radio solutions.  We work with many customers in the retail sector with regards to radio solutions in their supply and distribution warehouses.  We provide coverage enhancement through to radio hire for temporary needs.

      In-store radio solutions are also great when staff are distributed across the shop floor and back-room.  Keep your employees communicating ensures shelves keep stocked and customers happy.

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    The Power of Retail Networking Solutions
    Transforming Retail Operations:

    The Power of Retail Networking Solutions

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of the retail industry, staying ahead requires embracing advanced communications solutions. One of the core components reshaping the retail sector is the implementation of robust retail network solutions. These solutions encompass retail networking, reliable network connectivity, and an optimised network infrastructure, all of which contribute to enhanced retail operations.

    For many retailers, ensuring reliable network connectivity is crucial for seamless operations. The integration of retail network solutions not only guarantees a reliable network but also addresses the unique challenges faced by retail organisations. From managing POS systems to facilitating the smooth functioning of inter-personal communication, a dependable network is essential for the efficient day-to-day operations of retail stores.  Taking Push to Talk for example.  This technology equips staff with headsets and the ability to talk to the whole team regardless of location, facilitating stock enquiries and connect the shop floor with the warehouse.

    Business continuity is a key concern for retail businesses, and reliable connectivity is at the heart of it. Retailers are increasingly recognising the importance of a resilient IT infrastructure to mitigate operational costs and ensure uninterrupted service. The key benefits extend beyond mere connectivity – they include improved network performance, enhanced customer experience, and streamlined operational efficiency.

    Digital signage

    Digital signage

    In the era of digital transformation, the retail industry is leveraging advanced technologies such as digital signage. These innovations not only enhance the customer experience but also rely heavily on a robust network infrastructure for their effective implementation. Equipping retail spaces with engaging signage and visually attractive images, enhances the shopper experience and in turn provides better opportunities for sales.

    Zero-trust security is another critical aspect of retail networking. With security risks on the rise, implementing a zero-trust security model ensures that every device and user in the network is treated as a potential threat. This approach safeguards sensitive data and strengthens the overall security posture of retail organisations.

    In conclusion, the adoption of retail network solutions is becoming increasingly vital for the success and sustainability of retail businesses. From improving network performance to enhancing customer experience, these solutions are transforming the retail landscape and positioning businesses for a digitally-driven future. As retailers continue to prioritise reliable connectivity and advanced networking solutions, they are poised to thrive in the competitive and ever-evolving retail industry.

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