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Speech Analytics & Customer Experience

Speech Analytics solutions, providing world class customer experience for businesses who talk to their customers.

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    Speech Analytics and text analytics that deliver results for customers
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    Speech Analytics and text analytics that deliver results for customers

    Avoira work with world leading speech analytics solutions from Xdroid, in order to deliver an amazing customer experience and business performance improvements.  Our omnichannel solution allows us to provide unique support to businesses where they must comply to standards and regulations, ensuring their customers get the customer experience they expect.  Identifying vulnerability through voice conversations allows businesses to handle sensitive conversations with professionalism and respect.

    • Get insight into your business operations
    • Track agent performance, auto QA checking and scoring every single interaction
    • Identify customer vulnerability
    • Track report and improve on compliance scores
    • Highlight new sales opportunities.
    Post Call Analytics

    Quality Management & Performance

    Provide automated Quality Management and improve Contact Centre Performance and Customer Experience with voice and emotion recognition, CRM and TNPS integration, Predictive Analysis, and Machine Learning.

    Real time analytics

    Live Agent Assist

    Advise agents in real-time on speech styles, emotions, and compliance and reduce Agent Handling Times through automated links to content, calendar scheduling, script advice, and automated wrap-up. Provide alerts to the agent and management.

    Text Analytics

    Automated Process

    Text analytics is the automated process of translating large volumes of unstructured text into quantitative data to uncover insights, trends, and patterns.  Avoira’s Text Analytics solutions can help you to understand what is being said in email and chat conversations with your customers.

    CX Consultancy

    Full Service

    In order to support our Contact Centre and CX solutions Avoira offer a full Contact Centre Consultancy service. Working in conjunction with CX Consultants, Avoira can work with you to fully understand and define your solution requirements.

    Our customer experience partners

    Our customer experience partners

    Gain valuable Insights out of all your customer interactions. Take Actions, Enjoy the Results.

    Exceptional AI powered Speech Analytics and Conversational Intelligence

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