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Speech Analytics & Customer Experience

Speech Analytics solutions, providing world class customer experience for businesses who talk to their customers. Our portfolio includes Speech Analytics, Live Agent Assist and Interaction analytics technologies.

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    Speech Analytics, Interaction Analytics and Agent Assist that deliver results for customers

    Avoira work with world leading speech analytics solutions from Xdroid, in order to deliver an amazing customer experience and business performance improvements.  Our omnichannel solution allows us to provide unique support to businesses where they must comply to standards and regulations, ensuring their customers get the customer experience they expect.  Identifying vulnerability through voice conversations allows businesses to handle sensitive conversations with professionalism and respect.

    • Highlight new sales opportunities, through on screen prompting
    • Support agents in real-time, through in-call recommendations and automated call summarization
    • Track agent performance and gain insight into your business operations
    • Sentiment detection and identify customer vulnerability
    • Track, report and improve on compliance scores
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    Best SME Contact Centre Customer Solution

    Best SME Contact Centre Customer Solution

    This award is aimed at reseller businesses that have provided a compelling contact centre solution for SME end user customers in the UK private or public sector.

    Post Call Analytics

    Quality Management & Performance

    Provide automated Quality Management and improve Contact Centre Performance and Customer Experience with voice and emotion recognition. Monitor 100% of calls.  Improve Performance.  provide flawless service.

    CX Consultancy

    Full Service

    In order to support our Contact Centre and CX solutions Avoira offer a full Contact Centre Consultancy service. Working in conjunction with CX Consultants, Avoira can work with you to fully understand and define your solution requirements.

    Principal Insurance

    Principal Insurance

    Principal was already switched on to the needs of its vulnerable customers, but Consumer Duty created a new managament information challenge in measuring and evidencing outcomes. “Our staff are well trained and understand their responsibilities, but we have to be able to prove to the FCA that they, and therefore the company, are fully complying with the new regulations.”

    Working in partnership with Principal, our team created a vulnerable customers identification tool within a bespoke application of Xdroid. This involved detailing over 130 keywords and phrases under 14 categories of vulnerability. These range from a change of address through low income, domestic violence, depression and suicidal tendencies. In addition, we pointed to Xdroid’s wider powers such as Auto-QA scoring staff performance, agent wellbeing tracking, and extensive reporting on the customer journey. Uniquely, Xdroid also offers real time analytics and agent prompting. This can empower agents to appropriately direct a conversation to secure optimal customer outcomes. The same technology can also flag a live dialogue to a manager to support both customer and agent wellbeing.

    How Speech Analytics Software Transforms Customer Service
    Unveiling the Power of Speech:

    How Speech Analytics Software Transforms Customer Service

    Imagine gleaning valuable insights from every customer conversation, uncovering hidden trends, and pinpointing areas for improvement – all through the power of speech. This is the reality of speech analytics, a rapidly evolving technology that is revolutionising the way businesses understand and interact with their customers.

    At the heart of speech analytics software lies natural language processing (NLP), a branch of artificial intelligence that allows computers to understand and analyse human language. This technology empowers the software to automatically transcribe and analyse recorded customer calls, extracting valuable customer data and actionable insights.

    Boosting Customer Satisfaction:

    For contact centers, speech analytics tools are game-changers. By analysing customer sentiment in customer service calls, companies can identify areas of dissatisfaction and proactively address them. This leads to improved customer satisfaction, reduced customer churn, and ultimately, stronger customer relationships.

    Optimising Operations and Quality Assurance:

    Speech analytics doesn’t just benefit customers; it empowers contact centers too. By analysing call content and agent performance, managers can identify areas for improvement in operational efficiency and quality assurance. This can lead to reduced call handling times, improved agent coaching, and better adherence to compliance regulations.

    Unlocking the Power of Customer Insights:

    Beyond basic sentiment analysis, speech analytics tools can reveal hidden gems of information about customer behaviour and customer needs. By identifying recurring themes and topics within customer conversations, businesses can gain valuable insights into market trends, product feedback, and competitor intelligence.

    Driving the Future of Customer Service:

    The speech analytics market is booming, with new advancements in automated speech recognition (ASR) and machine learning pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Real-time speech analytics allows for immediate feedback during calls, while post-call speech analytics provides deeper insights after the conversation has ended.

    The Bottom Line:

    Speech analytics is not just a trend; it’s a fundamental shift in how businesses understand and interact with their customers. By harnessing the power of spoken words, companies can unlock a wealth of valuable information, improve customer service, and ultimately, drive business success.

    Our customer experience partner

    Our customer experience partner

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