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Live Agent Assist

Live Agent Assist from Xdroid can perform a range of automated tasks to aid and support call agents, detect sentiment and ensure compliancy.

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    Speech Analytics and the Impact of Live Agent Assist
    Revolutionising Contact Centers:

    Speech Analytics and the Impact of Live Agent Assist

    In the fast-paced world of contact centres, where customer satisfaction is paramount, the convergence of speech analytics and the Live Agent Assist feature is reshaping how agents engage with customers in real-time. This innovative duo, epitomised by technologies like Xdroid Live Agent Assist, is a game-changer for contact centre agents, offering a powerful suite of tools to enhance customer interactions and elevate service quality.

    The real-time agent assistance feature, integrated seamlessly with natural language understanding, acts as a digital companion for contact centre agents during live customer conversations. It provides instant guidance, boosting agent productivity and performance while ensuring customer queries are addressed with precision. This not only saves valuable time for human agents but also contributes to increased customer satisfaction by delivering prompt and personalised assistance.

    The synergy between speech analytics and Live Agent Assist is particularly evident in the contact centre environment. By analysing customer calls, extracting insights, and offering real time assistance on the agent desktop, this technology facilitates a more streamlined and efficient customer interaction process. As virtual agents complement the efforts of human agents, the result is a contact centre that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations, fostering a service quality that sets a new standard for live customer interactions.

    Live Agent Assist

    Live Agent Assist

    Empower agents to be more productive by reducing stress and increasing job satisfaction.

    Insights and Results – in Real-Time.

    • Improve agent experience and job satisfaction
    • Improve agent performance
    • Reduce agent turnover rates
    • Boost customer experience and loyalty
    • Automated call transcription and summary
    • Enhance compliance
    • Improve first call resolution (FCR)
    • Reduce average handle time
    Improve the performance of contact centre agents with real-time insights and coaching
    Xdroid Speech Analytics

    Improve the performance of contact centre agents with real-time insights and coaching

    Xdroid’s real-time Agent Assist feature offers direct feedback to the agent based on speech analytics.

    Alerts can be sent to management for direct assistance and can immediately help call centre agents with acoustic recommendations (such as speaking slower), reaching their KPIs, decreasing wrap up time and more.

    Speech analytics dashboards are available to provide your company with direct and actionable insight into your contact centre’s performance. By allowing agents to see and track their results, they can better understand how to learn, improve skills and increase their scores.

    Xdroid Resources

    Take a look through some of our Xdroid resources to learn more about Live Agent Assist: Automated assistance, prompt agents to act, real time assist all aimed at delivering better outcomes.


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    Xdroid’s real-time capabilities can prevent the need for remedial actions, with agents being prompted to take actions to deliver optimal outcomes whilst in dialogue. This clearly empowers enhanced first call resolution (FCR) which is both good for compliance and business.

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    Not only does it capture keywords but a range of emotions. For example, if a caller is disappointed, uncertain, calm, stressed, happy or unhappy, the software flags it – live on screen. This empowers the agent to take appropriate action at the appropriate time. 

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