Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are Avoira?

    Avoira is a Value Added Reseller (VAR).  We have been in business since 1976 under the name Pennine Telecom.  Since then we have acquired a number of businesses in order to grow our portflio and to provide additional services to our customers.  Essentially, we have a broad array of partners who provide leading technology products.  We resell those products to our customers and provide consultancy, engineering, installation and maintenance services.  This provides our customers with solutions that address their challenges with the peace of mind that Avoira is there from start to finish and to resolve any issues along the way.  Read more about us by clicking the link.

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  • Why work with Avoira?

    Avoira has a long standing reputation with our customers and we have numerous case studies on our website highlighting the value we bring to our customers.  From initial conversations and enquiries we listen to our customers in order to understand the challenges that they are experiencing.  We have the knowledge and experience to address challenges and propose solutions with best in class products from our partners.  Our consultancy provides a bespoke solution to our customer’s needs.  Once an order is placed Avoira then project manage the installation of solution and provide ongoing support and maintenance so that our customers are supported whilst the solution is in-service.

    Avoira are an Investor in People.  As a result our workforce have the knowledge, expertise and training required to do the job.  Our employees are fundamental to our business and we like to take care of them.

    We have multiple Accreditations and our engineers are expertly trained on a variety of technologies. We have excellent relationships with our partners, which gives our customers priority access when required.

    Take a look at our Accreditations page for more information

  • Who do Avoira partner with?

    Avoira provides solutions across a variety of areas such as Radio & Critical Comms through to IT Services & Cyber Security.  We therefore have a broad list of partners for each of our solution segments.  Our partner pages detail some of the key products that they provide and as you can see, we work with the best in the business, so that our customers get high quality solutions.  For more information about our partners click the link below.

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  • What Solution areas do Avoira cover?

    Avoira started out as Pennine Telecom supplying Motorola radios to the UK market.  Since then we have developed our radio and critical communications business.  We now supply radio and critical communications solutions to a variety of businesses across the UK.

    We provide a vast array of Unified Communication devices, such as headsets, webcams, sound bars, etc.  With a broad portfolio of providers we stock and supply the best products, which can be found in our Shop.

    To support Unified Communications, we also have solutions on the network side too.  Providing telephony solutions, such as Direct Routing, or even help customers tranisiton from legacy platforms to the latest solutions, often in the cloud.

    Our IT Services & Cyber Security expertise allows us to provide a range of IT bolt-on services, as well as keep our clients up to date with their security.  From fully managed IT through to deploying an anti-virus solution, we’ve got you covered.

    If you need Audio Visual or Video Conferencing support, we have a team of experts with the knowledge to equip you with solutions from building new office spaces, through to installing the latest screens in lecture theatres. Check out our AV/VC solution pages to see the range of options.

    Finally, and by no means least we have our customer experience and speech analytics team.  Compliance, performance and customer service are drivers for gathering analytics data from contact centre conversations.  With very large customer using our solutions we are quickly becoming the go-to company for Speech analytics.

    Look at our Solutions page for more information about all of our Solutions.

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  • What types of customers do Avoira work with?

    Avoira has many customers across multiple industry verticals.  Whether it’s education, healthcare, retail, finance, etc, we are active in almost every vertical.

    We also have customers in public and private sectors too.  We can be found on public service frameworks such as Crown Commercial Services and we are happy to engage our customers through different tender processes.

    You can see a selection of the customers that we work with in our case studies.  These give you a flavour of what we do and some of the great feedback we get from our customers.  Click below for more information

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