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Managed Services

Flexible contracts providing bespoke packages that offer a range of managed services and support services.

Flexible contracts giving you the choice of support options
Managed Services

Flexible contracts giving you the choice of support options

Avoira gives you flexible purchase and managed service options, so all you have to do is decide which option suits you best.  From a fully outsourced managed service through to bolt-on services to support companies who need specialist help or cover during holidays.

With Over 40 years’ experience, we are proud of our enviable and unrivalled reputation for expertise. Our accredited engineers have a wealth of experience, so you get the relevant support and expertise across our entire portfolio.

The Crucial Role of Managed Services in Communications Networks
Streamlining IT Operations:

The Crucial Role of Managed Services in Communications Networks

In the fast-paced realm of IT, businesses are increasingly turning to managed services to ensure their communications networks operate seamlessly. A managed service contract for IT provides a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to maintaining and optimizing communications architecture, fostering financial control and offering a flexible solution to evolving business needs.

Managed services extend to various facets of communications networks, including wireless solutions and existing architecture. By catering to user groups and implementing routine maintenance, businesses can keep their systems running smoothly, minimizing the risk of disruptions and enhancing overall efficiency.

One notable advantage of managed services is their flexible nature. They adapt to the unique requirements of businesses, providing support for accidental damage and proactive measures to prevent potential issues. This flexibility is particularly crucial in the dynamic landscape of IT, where evolving technologies and business demands necessitate adaptable solutions.

Two-way radio systems, integral components of many communications networks, benefit significantly from managed services. These services not only address routine maintenance but also provide a safety net against accidental damage, ensuring that businesses and their customers can rely on uninterrupted communication.

In essence, managed services for IT offer a strategic approach to maintaining, optimising, and securing communications networks. Businesses adopting these services gain not only financial control but also the peace of mind that comes with a proactive and flexible solution, allowing them to focus on their core operations while their IT infrastructure remains resilient and efficient.

Key Benefits

  • Bespoke design around customers’ requirements
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Discounted Multi-year Managed Contract
  • Enables technology refresh at end of contract term
  • Flex up capabilities
  • Fully included professional services
  • Fully Maintained and supported with OEM escalation
  • System monitoring and real time alerts
  • Device Management and Monitoring

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    • Maintenance & Support

      Our dedicated maintenance and support services team are on hand 24 hours a day, ready to assist you with any ongoing maintenance or support queries that may arise.  Our proactive approach minimises system downtimes.

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    • Network Operations Centre

      Real Time Critical Monitoring

      Avoira work with our customers to provide the monitoring and visibility needed for fast response times to critical issues and enables us to quickly pinpoint the root cause of problems.

      Avoira offer a flexible support package regarding your NOC operations enabling your vital platforms to be proactively monitored to help prevent extended downtime, reduce loss of productivity and efficiency and ultimately reduce any loss of revenue.

      Our NOC Service comes with a team of experienced UK personnel, vendor certified, DBS checked and Government Security Cleared.

      Key Benefits:

      • Security cleared network operations centre
      • Wall board monitoring
      • Instant alerts and notifications
      • Availability & capacity management
      • Vulnerability & patch management
      • Remote management of client network
      • 24/7 proactive monitoring
    • Hardware Management

      Fluent Management of your Device Estate:

      At Avoira we know that, as the communications world becomes more advanced, effective hardware management is key to the success of any IT Manager or system owner Our offering gives IT Managerseasy-to-use tools to configure settings and update device software and firmware for end-users across their business and many more features. 

      Key Features:

      • Automated data entry through the Avoira ERP integration
      • Dynamic template engine
      • Device and carrier agnostic support
      • Advanced geo location tracking
      • Firmware scheduling
      • Voice quality monitoring analytics
      • Unlimited number of devices
      • Manage seamless rollouts and easy adoption
      • Streamline settings and updates
      • Regulations & compliance
      • Reporting tools that provide new insights into your communications environment
    • Radio Managed Service

      Flexible Radio Managed Service:

      Impressively flexible Avoira offers purchase, managed service and both short and long-term two-way radio hire – all you do is decide which option suits you best.

      Our consultants and design team will assist you with the selection of your new radio system and we will wrap this up into a fixed term managed service.

      Managed services are a great way of having a new system, with an ‘all inclusive’ service wrap included for the term of the contract. At the end of the contract, it enables a full technology refresh so you can always keep up to date with latest technology.

      Key Benefits:

      • Design a bespoke solution that suits your needs
      • Leading suppliers such as Motorola Solutions
      • Systems or simple devices only
      • All brand-new equipment supplied
      • Fully installed and commissioned
      • Fully included maintenance and service wrap
      • Fixed term contracts
      • Flex up terms to add additional devices or services to the offering
      • Enables you to have full radio systems technology refresh at the end of the term
      • Substantially more cost effective than long term hire agreements
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