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Helping you adapt as construction communication and IT rapidly evolves to become safer, cheaper and quicker.

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    Solutions for construction

    • Direct routing

      Direct Routing is a simple add on that enables PSTN calling through Microsoft Teams on any device.

      Direct Routing is a cloud-based service and so can be set up in minutes.

      Now you can bring all users onto one platform by using Microsoft Teams for collaboration, messaging and voice across all devices.

    • Network solutions

      What construction project doesn’t have networking requirements?  From the day-to-day work of executing the project to providing networking for the end client, talk to us to ensure you have considered the best-in-class offerings on the market. Including WiFi, LAN, WAN, Avoira can provide you with a detailed proposal, order the equipment and deliver it for you and provide ongoing support arrangements, as required.

    • Managed IT & Cyber Security

      From equipping new buildings with IT infrastructure, through to managing it and ensuring you are safe from cyber criminals, it’s essential that you consider vulnerability checks to ensure compliance.  Don’t get caught out with such things as ransomware attacks.  Could you manage without access to your company data?

      If you use Virtualisation across your servers, start a conversation with us to learn more about what we can do to support you.  Don’t get stuck with a solution that no longer serves your needs.  We have specialists who can discuss alternatives and explain how migration would work.

    • Radio & Radio Hire

      Construction projects need radios.  We work with many customers in the construction sector with regards to radio solutions.  We provide coverage enhancement through to radio hire for temporary needs.

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