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    NEC Univerge SV9500
    Power your communications with the

    NEC Univerge SV9500

    We can provide our hospitality customers with a variety of technology solutions.  The NEC Univerge SV9500 is a powerful communications platform that keeps customers and employees connected.

    Hotel Management


    We are able to address each hotel type with a specific property management system platform and solution set – from small to big in size, from basic to very advanced in functionality, and we install & support the solution.

    In addition to a world leading communications platform, we also have extensive experience of delivering hospitality services. These include all sorts of guest services, such as voicemail and wakeup, operator and guest reservation, wireless, room service, restaurants bookings, etc.  In addition we provide services for the back office, such as fire panel, security system, room cleaning , portering, check-in, etc.

    Contact us to find out more about the hospitality services we can support with our solutions.

    Phones and Handsets
    Business Desktop and Wireless

    Phones and Handsets

    In addition to the full suite of functionality with our communications platform, we can also provide business desktop and wireless telephones and handsets.  Including IP phones and Dect wireless systems.

    Solutions for hospitality

    • Audio Visual & Video Conferencing

      Avoira work with leading suppliers of Audio Visual technologies.  From equipping meeting rooms, restaurants, hotel rooms, reception areas, etc, we have the solution.  Providing small to large digital display screens, audio equipment etc and the expertise to design workspaces for all kinds of needs.  Talk to us about your AV/VC needs.

    • Direct routing

      Direct Routing is a simple add on that enables PSTN calling through Microsoft Teams on any device.

      Direct Routing is a cloud-based service and so can be set up in minutes.

      Now you can bring all users onto one platform by using Microsoft Teams for collaboration, messaging and voice across all devices.

    • Managed IT & Cyber Security

      When managing the IT network at your hotel or restaurant needs specialist support, contact Avoira to understand how we can provide anything from full managed IT support through to bolt-on services that are an extension to the IT provision that you have today.

      Ensure that your network is safe from cyber criminals by talking to us about to deploy the latest cyber security across your network.  For example, have you considered how your organisation would handle a ransomware attack? Don’t be held to ransom for all the booking data of your customers.  Contact us to enquire about a vulnerability check today.

    • Networking

      When it comes to communication across your hotel or restaurant, at the front of house and back of house, it’s essential your network coverage is strong.  We have experience of deploying LANs and WiFi networks with solutions from leading manufacturers.  Don’t let your guests down with poor WiFi and certainly don’t hold your staff back from poor connectivity.

      World-class infrastructure is an integral communication tool in hospitality, allowing guests to stay in touch with their families and friends, which leads to better hotel experiences.

    • On-Premise or Cloud Based PBX

      With the need for a hosted or on-premise PBX to manage your customers’ telephony needs, we work with companies such as NEC and 8×8 to give you the full functionality of a PBX.

      Give your staff a world-class telephony solution to keep on top of their communications both with suppliers as well as guests.

      Delight your customers with a full-suite of features that you expect from a leading telephony system.

      Hotels want on-premise telephony for a number of reasons, including:

      • Control and security: Hotels have unique security and privacy needs, and on-premise telephony gives them more control over their communications infrastructure and data. This is especially important in light of the increasing prevalence of cyberattacks.
      • Reliability: Hotels need a phone system that is reliable and can handle high call volumes, especially during peak times. On-premise telephony systems are very reliable, as they are not subject to internet outages or other external factors.
      • Customization: Hotels can customize on-premise telephony systems to meet their specific needs. This may include features such as wake-up calls, call forwarding, and integration with other hotel systems such as property management systems (PMS).
      • Cost: On-premise telephony systems can be more cost-effective than cloud-based systems in the long run, especially for large hotels with high call volumes.
    • Push-To-Talk

      Enabling instant comms between your staff in a hotel or restaurant is a must to enable efficient customer service.  This is achieved with a Push-To-Talk (PTT) system with PTT enabled headsets and devices.  We have solutions over WiFi, DECT and Radio. Reach out to us so we can talk you through the options.

    • Radio Solutions & Radio Hire

      Hospitality needs radio solutions.  We work with many customers in the hospitality sector with regards to radio solutions.  We provide coverage enhancement through to radio hire for temporary needs.

      From hotels to restaurants contact us to find out more about radio platforms and the latest in radio solutions for communication.

    Embracing Innovation for a Seamless Guest Experience
    Hospitality Tech:

    Embracing Innovation for a Seamless Guest Experience

    The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the guest experience. From video conferencing solutions to mobile apps, technology is revolutionising how hotels operate, connect with guests, and ultimately, drive customer satisfaction.

    Virtual Meetings, Real Connections:

    Video conferencing and video chat are no longer just trends, but essential tools for hotels. Room solutions specifically designed for virtual meetings allow businesses to conduct remote conferences seamlessly, while hybrid meetings combine in-person and virtual attendees, catering to a wider audience and maximizing reach. This flexibility fosters personal connection regardless of location, boosting the overall meeting experience.

    Mobile Power:

    The rise of mobile devices has transformed guest expectations. Hotels are embracing this trend by offering mobile apps that allow guests to check-in, control room temperature, order room service, and access information on their fingertips. This empowerment enhances convenience and satisfaction, while also reducing the workload on hotel staff.

    Beyond Bricks and Mortar:

    Digital signage is another exciting innovation. These dynamic displays can showcase hotel amenities, promotions, and local attractions, keeping guests informed and engaged.

    Keeping Up with the Curve:

    The hospitality industry is an ever-changing market. Keeping up with new technology can be challenging, but it’s essential for staying competitive. Hotels can leverage online training platforms to equip staff with the skills needed to navigate new technologies and deliver exceptional service.

    The Future is Tech-Savvy:

    Technology is not just a fad; it’s the future of hospitality. By embracing innovations like video conferencing, mobile solutions, and digital signage, hotels can create a seamless and personalized guest experience, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. In this tech-savvy world, staying ahead of the curve is no longer an option, but a necessity for hotels to thrive.



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