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    Solutions for energy & utilities

    • Direct routing

      Direct Routing is a simple add on that enables PSTN calling through Microsoft Teams on any device.

      Direct Routing is a cloud-based service and so can be set up in minutes.

      Now you can bring all users onto one platform by using Microsoft Teams for collaboration, messaging and voice across all devices.

    • Network solutions

      With a variety of network solutions we can support energy and utility companies with all kinds of networking requirements. From connecting wind farms through microwave technologies through to deploying WiFi networks, we have a range of suppliers who can supply best-in-class products.

      With the PSTN / ISDN network switch off, talk to us to ensure that your network is ready and don’t get caught scrambling like a lot of others.

    • Managed IT & Cyber Security

      When managing the IT network at your energy or utility company needs specialist support, contact Avoira to understand how we can provide anything from full managed IT support through to bolt-on services that are an extension to the IT provision that you have today.

      Ensure that your network is safe from cyber criminals by talking to us about how to deploy the latest cyber security across your network.  For example, have you considered how your power station or head-office would handle a ransomware attack? Contact us to enquire about a vulnerability check today.

    • Hybrid working

      The utilities and energy sector contain companies who use a hybrid working model. Working in the office, working from home or working on-the-go, equip your employees with best-in-class solutions so they can work at the maximum wherever they are .  With everything from headsets and webcams through to conferencing technologies such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  Equip your office staff with the latest technology to enable effective communication in variety of locations.

    • Radio Solutions & Radio Hire

      Equipping your operations staff with instant communication is essential in the energy and utilities sector.  From handling basic communication through to emergency situations, having instant communication through a radio network can be a matter of life or death.

      If you are having an event that requires staff coordination for one day or longer, sometimes radio hire is a perfect solution.

      If you are managing a network of mission critical radio communications, we have solutions for Two Way Radio Control Rooms.

    • Contact Centre & Speech Analytics

      We provide full contact centre communication suites from Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) and Unified Comms as a Service (UCaaS).

      Consider speech analytics for your contact centre.  This transformational technology supports your staff dealing with customers over the phone, to ensure compliance, improve quality and identify vulnerability.  Contact us to find out how speech analytics can give you so much more.

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