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Radio Control Room

Integrated Command and Radio Control Room Solutions

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    Reliable and resilient radio control room solutions

    Reliable and resilient radio control room solutions

    Avoira is the trusted choice when it comes to provision of reliable, resilient and effective Integrated Command and Control System (ICCS). We offer considerable experience and expertise in the design, implementation, servicing, and maintenance of radio control room solutions to the emergency services, the NHS and a huge variety of private and public sector organisations. These include major utility companies, facilities management providers, transport and logistics operators, local authorities, and professionals in the safety and security sectors.  

    Typically, a radio control room solution will combine a multitude of communication systems into a single interface allowing access to multiple technologies from a simple, easy to use, secure and resilient control room system providing single or multiple operator positions. 

    Features and benefits

    • Integrated Command and Control
    • Scalable solutions
    • Redundancy and resilience options
    • Touch screen solutions
    • Dispatcher audio options
    • Variety of system integrations
    • Airwave support
    • Customisable layouts
    • CCTV Interfaces
    • IP and WAN Architecture
    • Centralised control room options
    • Evidential incident, data and voice management platforms
    • PA interface
    • Paging interface
    • Alarm monitoring
    • Door / access control
    • System ‘patches’ between multiple platforms
    • GPS tracking
    • Lone worker services
    • Telephony integration
    • On site radio control room
    • Offsite backup control room
    • Mobile, incident management control room solution
    Two Way Radio Control Rooms?
    Why do we need

    Two Way Radio Control Rooms?

    Two-way radio control rooms serve as the central hub for managing communication networks in various industries, relying on control room operators to ensure seamless connectivity and response. The control room environment for two-way radios is mission-critical, demanding the right solution to efficiently coordinate communication and address emergencies promptly.

    Operators play a crucial role in managing two-way radio communications. They monitor channels, dispatch messages, and respond to requests, making split-second decisions to maintain effective communication. In emergency control rooms, the ability to coordinate and communicate rapidly is essential, emphasising the high-pressure nature of the environment.

    the right solution...

    the right solution...

    The right control room solution for two-way radio operations involves advanced control room systems designed to optimise communication workflows. These systems facilitate the integration of various communication channels, ensuring that operators can manage multiple radio frequencies, monitor transmissions, and respond promptly to critical situations. The integration of video walls provides a comprehensive visual overview, enhancing the monitoring capabilities of operators.

    Digital transformation has significantly impacted two-way radio control rooms, leading to the adoption of advanced technologies. The shift towards digital communication platforms has improved audio quality, increased the range of coverage, and enhanced encryption for secure transmissions. This digital evolution ensures that operators can rely on cutting-edge tools to meet the demands of modern communication networks.

    Choosing the right solution involves considering scalability, customisation, and ongoing support. Control room systems must be adaptable to the unique needs of different industries and provide continuous support to address technical issues promptly. Ongoing support is vital for maintaining the reliability and functionality of the communication infrastructure.

    In conclusion, two-way radio control rooms are the backbone of effective communication networks, with operators navigating the complexities of the environment. The right control room solution, incorporating advanced systems and video walls, ensures that these mission-critical operations run smoothly, facilitating rapid response and coordination in emergency situations. The ongoing digital transformation in this field highlights the commitment to optimising communication and maintaining the reliability of two-way radio systems.

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