Xdroid Speech Analytics

Speech analytics can give you priceless insights into your company operations and help drive you towards valuable results.

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    Xdroid Speech Analytics
    Improve the performance & quality of your contact centre

    Xdroid Speech Analytics

    • Xdroid speech analytics supports the automated quality management of a contact centre by quickly and easily identifying critical conversations.
    • Speech analytics helps to identify dissatisfied customers, those planning to cancel their contract and potential legal or authority cases.
    • There is also the opportunity to help call centre agents improve their performance. Xdroid speech analytics provides objective measurements to help identify any coaching and training needs.

    Xdroid speech analytics features


    Escalation requests and explained reasoning


    Call visualisation and categorisation


    Sentiment and speech style analytics


    Productivity and performance tracking


    Custom reports and alerts


    Automated quality management


    Speech to text transcription


    Compliance and Regulation

    Average Handling Time (AHT)

    Average Handling Time (AHT)

    Xdroid speech analytics enables a reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT) in a variety of ways.  When call agents receive a checklist of compliance statements that get automatically checked off through natural conversation, the agent can focus on resolving customer queries and reduce time spent handling the call.

    Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Utilise our analytics, trained to your companies language, to accurately QA check thousands of interactions, at mass scale. Manual QA checks only cover a small portion of calls. Ours reports at mass scale, raising up the interactions that need attention by skilled QA managers. With the ‘Business As Usual’ call listening and scoring completed at mass scale by our software.

    Customer Vulnerability

    Customer Vulnerability

    Xdroid can recognise patterns of speech which can identify vulnerable conversations.  This can be in the situation where the customer is identifying a vulnerability on their side, such as payment issues.  Equally it can also identify when the agent is finding themselves in a vulnerable situation where a customer is becoming abusive.


    • What is speech analytics?

      Speech analytics is the analysing of recorded calls to obtain information on customers with the intention of improving future interaction and predicting their intentions.

    • What can speech analytics do?

      Speech analytics can provide performance results as well as insights into customer experience through voice and emotion recognition features.

    • Why do we need speech analytics?

      Speech analytics is useful to gain insight into your customers’ experience, emotions and behaviours. Speech analytics can help to improve your customer retention by ensuring your customers are satisfied with their experience.

    • Who uses speech analytics?

      Speech analytics can be useful for a variety of individuals and businesses. It can be successfully used to:

      • Improve employee performance and productivity
      • Gain insights into customers and their habits
      • Increase customer retention
      • Boost sales conversion rates
      • Reduce and eliminate legal or authority cases
    • What are speech analytics for call centres?

      Speech analytics are particularly useful in call centres to help identify key or commonly used words and phrases. Speech analytics can be used in call centres to recognise and analyse emotions and speech patterns in a voice.

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