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Interaction Analytics

Expand your existing Speech Analytics solution with chat, email and social media analysis to cover all of your customer touchpoints.

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    Interaction Analytics?
    What is

    Interaction Analytics?

    Customer interaction analytics transforms raw customer interactions, like chat, emails, and social media posts, into a goldmine of information. These tools use natural language processing to analyse unstructured data, extracting valuable insights on customer sentiment, behaviour, and feedback.

    By identifying trends and emotions (sentiment analysis), interaction analytics provides businesses with meaningful insights to improve customer experience and business outcomes. This can include anything from pinpointing common customer pain points in a contact centre to understanding buying preferences on social media.

    In short, interaction analytics solutions leverage the power of machine learning to unlock the true potential of customer interaction data.

    Interaction Analytics

    Interaction Analytics

    Xdroid’s Interaction Analytics enables you to capitalise on your Omnichannel strategy:

    • Build on the customer conversation by integrating email and chat to improve your customer’s journey
    • Generate insights to further enhance your offerings to your customer
    • Understand how your customer wants to engage
    • Identify customer needs and requirements across various communications channels
    • Measure service level at every point of the customer journey
    • Immediately detect and address negative customer experiences


    Interaction Analytics for Deep Customer Knowledge

    Interaction Analytics for Deep Customer Knowledge

    Text based interactions have become an important feature of every customer-facing business and the array of insights behind these interactions is enormous. With customer expectations being higher as never before, you need to establish a consistently positive service to achieve business goals and strengthen customer relations. Xdroid’s Interaction Analytics will help you ensure excellent customer experience across all channels, through the opportunity to detect and immediately address low customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the platform will provide you valuable insights on what customers are saying about your brand.

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