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Conference Room AV System

Solutions to equip your meeting and conference rooms to support video conferencing.

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    Conference Room AV Systems for a variety of workspaces

    Conference Room AV Systems for a variety of workspaces

    With the introduction of new technology and hybrid working, meeting rooms in the traditional sense are rapidly changing and evolving. We offer Conference Room AV Systems to create the perfect workspace for your requirements, including:

    • Personal workspaces
    • Huddle spaces
    • Focus rooms
    • Meeting rooms
    • Boardrooms
    • Conference rooms
    • Training rooms
    Enhance your collaboration with our conference room AV systems and solutions

    Enhance your collaboration with our conference room AV systems and solutions

    We ensure you have the technology to make collaboration as simple as possible, allowing you to share knowledge, work effectively as a team and successfully deliver meetings.

    With the click of a button, you can join a video conference, present wirelessly and capture flipchart notes from interactive screens.

    We pride ourselves on being able to deliver bespoke, easy-to-use conference room AV systems that bring everyone together regardless of location or the device they’re using. From conference rooms to boardrooms, huddle spaces to large and small meeting rooms, our technology solutions can boost your productivity in the modern workspace.  Conference room AV systems is what we do!

    Room Solutions for Every Meeting
    Let’s Meet

    Room Solutions for Every Meeting

    The world of work has changed forever. Last year the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development reported that 78% of organisations had embraced hybrid working. With some employees working daily in the office, some from home and some splitting their time between both, employers are reassessing how they can make best use of their office space. This is not just about supporting concepts such as hot desking, but in delivering flexible meeting room solutions which foster efficient communication and collaboration, regardless of whether an employee is attending in person or remotely. Careful thought needs to be given as to how meeting spaces should be physically reimagined, as well as to the technologies which can optimise their effectiveness. In this article we’ll touch on a few things you might want to consider, whilst drawing on the experiences of those who have already successfully redesigned their meeting spaces.

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    A room for every meeting

    • Conference and large meeting rooms

      Conference rooms and large workspaces require a bespoke, integrated audio, visual and video conferencing solution that is reliable and effective. We offer conference room solutions that allow for effective and strategic meetings thanks to cutting-edge, innovative workspace technology.

    • Huddle spaces

      Smaller, more informal and versatile meeting spaces are perfect for those impromptu or more casual gatherings. Being smaller workspaces, they incorporate lower cost conference solutions, whilst still remaining powerful collaboration spaces.

    • Small meeting rooms

      We can enhance your meeting experience and the efficiency of your interactions via your workspace by incorporating audio, visual and video conferencing technology with display screens to your meeting rooms.

    • Desktop and mobile

      We provide the latest in powerful messaging, meeting and calling applications that are designed to bring people together wherever they are and whatever device they are using.

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    Enabling a shift from fixed space to hybrid working with workspace technology and solutions
    Case Study

    Enabling a shift from fixed space to hybrid working with workspace technology and solutions

    Financial Wellness Group required employees to be able to communicate and collaborate whilst working remotely with both internal contacts and external parties.

    Our audio-visual engineers specified technology for their medium sized meeting rooms to allow for collaboration regardless of where the meeting attendees would be joining from, allowing for enhanced collaboration.

    “We continue to benefit from a collaborative partnership with Avoira that helped shape our hybrid model and, through post-installation support, optimised its utilisation.”

    Christian Hensen, Director of Technology Operations, FWG

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