Cyber Security Toolkit for SMBs

CYBER SECURITY: technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorised access.

For today’s companies, falling victim to one of these attacks is no longer a question of “if” but “when.”

Today’s employees are connected to the Internet all day every day, communicating with colleagues
and stakeholders, sharing critical information and jumping from site to site. With hackings, data
breaches and ransomware attacks on the rise, it is essential for all companies to plan for the worst,
with mandatory cybersecurity trainings for all employees and with the recommended solutions for
mitigating the risks.

Today’s data threats don’t discriminate; businesses of all sizes are susceptible to attacks. However,
small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are often less prepared to deal with security threats than
their larger counterparts. The reasons for this vary from business to business, but ultimately it
comes down to the fact that SMBs often have less resources to devote to cybersecurity efforts.

This ebook contains practical advice and easy tips for training employees on cybersecurity and
industry best practices with real-world examples. We also outline the essential solutions designed
to help today’s businesses defend against and recover from a cybersecurity incident. There has
never been a better time for this guide!

Communication platform for education


In this eBook, we’ll be introducing the concept of Direct Routing. This holistic comms solution from Microsoft Teams bridges your educational telecoms with the commonly adopted Microsoft Teams solutions, providing holistic communications within a single solution – one that also includes the many benefits of your wider Microsoft 365 applications.

What is Direct Routing

The majority of businesses and institutions rely on Microsoft’s 365 solution, of which Microsoft Teams is a key component. Designed as a communicative and collaborative hub for the wider Microsoft 365 environment, Teams has perhaps become the World’s most widely used voice and video calling solution.

With Teams Direct Routing, organisations incorporate their Microsoft Teams solution with their ISDN, PSTN or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phonelines. In doing so, their two disparate forms of communication – Teams and telephony – become one holistic communicative solution. For professionals managing several contacts and comms solutions, this makes calling simpler across the board; their Teams solution handles all their calling for them – and not just internally.

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