8×8 Technology Ecosystem inclusion

Scott Mordue
Scott Mordue
July 13, 2023

Nasdaq-listed integrated cloud communications provider 8×8 Inc has appointed Avoira to its newly launched 8×8 Technology Partner Ecosystem program.

The new initiative will enable partners to deeply embed their technologies into the 8×8 XCaaS™ (eXperience Communications as a Service), an integrated cloud contact centre and unified communications platform, which incorporates business telephony, videoconferencing, team chat, and SMS capabilities.

8×8 selected Avoira for the elite program in order to harness the power of the AI-driven Xdroid speech analytics solution to which the company holds exclusive UK rights.

Commenting on the company’s appointment to the new program, Avoira’s Head of CX, Ian Taylor said:


Joining 8×8’s elite Technology Partner Ecosystem will enable our clients to benefit from particularly powerful, bespoke solutions created through seamless integration of Xdroid within 8×8 XCaaS™ alongside other innovative, next-generation technologies offered through the ecosystem.

In addition, those solutions can be tailored to needs and demands, without requiring budget-hungry custom development or overheads.

Avoira’s Head of CX, Ian Taylor

His comments echoed those of Hunter Middleton, Chief Product Officer at 8×8 Inc, who said: “A one size fits all approach no longer works. Instead, organisations expect their technology solutions and providers to innovate, adapt and evolve to meet their current and future business and customer needs.

“The Technology Partner Ecosystem program complements our native AI-driven 8×8 XCaaS platform capabilities, giving enterprises the flexibility to build the right solutions to meet and exceed their customer experience goals.”

Managing Director Andrew Roberts has also welcomed the move, noting:


Avoira’s partnership with 8×8 and the integration of Xdroid within the 8×8 ecosystem brings a host of benefits to contact centre operations.

By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Xdroid, contact centres in the UK can enhance their performance, improve customer satisfaction, and provide valuable remote agent support.

The combination of powerful speech analytics, compliance monitoring, fraud detection, and real-time insights enables contact centres to optimize their operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Andrew Roberts, Managing Director at Avoira