What is Direct Routing in Microsoft Teams?

July 10, 2022


Direct Routing means bringing all the benefits of your branch’s private telephone exchange (PBX) or existing phone lines into your Microsoft Teams environment, letting you combine both solutions into a complete telecoms solution and make external calls instantly through the Teams app.  As well as consolidating a business’ comms, Direct Routing creates a faster, more fluid solution that makes managing telephony much easier and more efficient.

With the World’s businesses and institutions become increasingly Cloud reliant, many are exploring how to leverage its transformative capacity for communications. Whether keeping users connected worldwide via Cloud VoIP, or enabling collaborative working with burgeoning software such as Microsoft Teams, the Cloud is proving invaluable in keeping people connected.

For some, however, the change is still transitional. There are certain features and benefits that they might be missing – or worse yet, forfeiting – as they move their telephony to the Cloud. With Microsoft Teams’ Direct Routing, however, businesses can seamlessly bridge the gap between the technical and the traditional.

Direct Routing explained

While it’s true that Teams has long supported business telephony, with features such as Teams Phone and Teams Voice having been available for the past year, the solution hasn’t always been complete. Microsoft’s Calling Plans scheme doesn’t offer the cost flexibility of traditional telephony providers, and its range is often limited to select countries or call pooling plans.

Direct Routing is different. With Direct Routing, your telephony is seamlessly integrated with Teams without sacrificing the cost-efficiency and capabilities of your current comms provider. That way, you’re not limited by calling packages, location or, in some cases, licensing costs. Your existing telephony is unchanged except for the added functionality of Microsoft Teams calling.

What are the benefits of Direct Routing?

Direct Routing provides coherence and cost-efficiency to your overall business comms, but the wider benefits are even more transformative.

Direct Routing

Near-instant availability
If you’ve a PBX or PSTN phone line, and are one of the millions of organisations leveraging Microsoft Teams, you’ve everything you need to take advantage of Direct Routing. With all E5 editions of Microsoft 365, Direct Routing is available at no extra licensing cost and with the required phone systems licence included as standard. Even so, lower-tier subscriptions can still offer the same affordable per-user, per-month pricing options with a separate purchase of this license.

Already, the ability to migrate your existing branch exchange into Teams is a step up from Teams’ own calling plans – not least when your provider can offer a more flexible contract than Microsoft’s own. Yet there’s also the productivity benefit of having your every call managed by a single communicative hub; one that’s fortified by the ever-expanding repertoire of Microsoft Teams functions.

Comprehensive and coherent
With Direct Routing, you have a single application to manage all of your communications, whether outbound, in-house, or off-premises. Because Teams is available off-prem via your mobile device, you’ve access to all the benefits of your on-prem solution and your branch’s private exchange. By putting your every comms solution into a single package, you never have to manage your contacts again; everyone is available, from anywhere, and on any connection – without the need for a single bespoke device.

Seamless migration
Merging two existing technologies, or migrating one into the Cloud, is typically complex and time-consuming. Yet Direct Routing is designed with minimal business disruption in mind. Teams’ Number Porting mean you’re able to mobilise your landline handsets via any Teams-compatible device. Users are available anywhere at any time, with no need for new numbers or technologies.

Is Direct Routing the right call for your company?

Whether it’s helping to manage high call volumes, taking control of your telephony costs or mobilising your workforce for consistent communication – whether they may work from home – Direct Routing is the ultimate business enabler. Industry analysts predict that by this year alone, more than 90% of large businesses will rely on Direct Routing to modernise their comms.

Is Direct Routing the right call

Are you operating a remote workforce? 

Direct Routing mobilises your existing company handsets, yet it also enables users to seamlessly call your traditional phonelines from within the Teams app, and via any compatible device. Couple this with overseas calling options, and your remote users have more than a traditional mobile VoIP solution to conduct those crucial conversations.

Do you have existing efficient telephony contracts?

Direct Routing isn’t a replacement for your existing phone service – it’s an expansion of it. You’re not forced to forfeit any old phone contracts, nor enter into any new ones; you just take advantage of a more capable approach to telephony.

Do you make multiple international calls? 

If so, you can make these calls via Teams and still maintain all the functionality of your PBX, devices and Microsoft Teams software – and avoid the international call limitations of Microsoft’s own basic calling plans.

Ready to Transform Your Telephony?

With a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution, you synergise your Microsoft Teams environment with your existing telephony exchange, meaning cross-solution calls are fast, easy to manage and cost effective.

At Avoira, we’re committed to connectivity – uniting users, their clients and their technologies for more meaningful conversations. Our eBook, Direct Routing: The Most Complete Communication Platform for Education, explores how a Direct Routing solution can serve the unique problems of the education sector, as well as our work with two prestigious universities.