The Key to Future Call Centre Success

Scott Mordue
Scott Mordue
December 15, 2023

The Avoira CX team have recently returned form the ExCel in London, where the venue played host to the Call and Contact Centre Expo.

The two-day event (Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th November), not only celebrated the thriving landscape of call centre innovation but also highlighted the pivotal role of speech analytics in shaping the future of customer service.

The event featured an illuminating talk from Avoira’s Head of CX Ian Taylor and Global Director of Consultancy from Xdroid Dacil Borges. The presentation entitled “Which is most important… Customer Vulnerability, Employee Well-Being or Agent Performance?”  highlighted the transformative power of speech analytics in revolutionising call centre operations.

Ian and Dacil delved into the capabilities of Xdroid, emphasising its ability to extract valuable insights from customer interactions, decoding sentiment, and identify trends that empower call centres to deliver personalised and empathetic service whilst complying with the rules and regulations of specific industries; for example, the FCA’s most recent Consumer Duty Compliance.

Avoira highlighted Xdroid’s capabilities, including real-time monitoring that empowers agents with actionable data, note summarisation, that reduces average handling time and auto QA which listens to calls on mass eliminating falsification and bias.

Throughout the event Avoira showcased the comprehensive array of solutions that went beyond speech analytics, from headsets and computer hardware to cybersecurity and contact centre connectivity. The team discussed the practical advantages of incorporating these solutions into call centre operations to provide a positive experience for both agents and customers.

The event concluded on a high note, with participants understanding how fostering meaningful and impactful conversations with customers on a deeper level will provide a significant advantage for those looking to propel their call centre strategies into the future.

The Expo marked a significant milestone in showcasing the potential of speech analytics, reinforcing Avoira’s commitment to embracing innovative solutions that enhance customer interactions and drive operational excellence.

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