On-Premise PBX Systems

Avoira supply, install and maintain on premise telephony solutions for where a more traditional approach is required.

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    When you want to host your telephony on-site
    On-Premise PBX Systems

    When you want to host your telephony on-site

    At Avoira, we offer installation and maintenance services for on-Premise telephony solutions that cater to those who prefer a more traditional approach.

    If you are considering hosting your telephony on your premises, we offer On-Premise PBX Systems as a solution. While there are many telephony options available, we understand the need to maintain control and explore the benefits of hosting on-site. Our solutions provide a variety of options to meet your needs.

    For example, we work with NEC as one of their hospitality partners providing the Univerge SV9000 range of communication solutions.  In addition, we support a range of hotel management services and a range of compatible handsets and mobile devices to complete the solution.  Contact us for more information.

    Benefits of On-Premise PBX Systems

    • Feature Rich

      Ensure you have all the benefits from a feature rich PBX and do not be left without the key features that your company needs.

    • Devices and Local Connectivity

      You have the flexibility to connect a variety of devices from handsets, feature phones, reception consoles through to local systems such as PA systems or door entry systems.

    • Financial Flexibility

      With an on-premise solution you can pay for it all upfront and pay an annual support charge. Equally spread the payment over the term of the lease. 

      You have invested a lot in your system. Rather than replace it, upgrade it.  Ensuring your devices are compatible and your staff do not need retraining.

    • Scalability

      While scaling an on-Premise system may require additional hardware and configuration, you have direct control over the expansion process. This can be advantageous for organizations with specific growth patterns and requirements.

    • Control and Customisation

      With an on-Premise system, you have complete control over the hardware, software, and configurations. This allows you to tailor the system to meet the specific needs of your organisation. You can implement custom features, integrations, and security measures according to your requirements.

    • Security

      On-Premise systems can provide a higher level of security for sensitive communications. Since the system is hosted within your organisation’s network, you have more control over data security and can implement measures to protect against unauthorised access and potential breaches.

    • Data Privacy

      Our on-Premise solution offers greater assurance that sensitive data remains within your organisation’s premises, helping to meet compliance requirements.

    • Reliability

      On-Premise systems can offer elevated levels of reliability and uptime if properly configured and maintained. This can be particularly important for organisations where communication downtime can lead to significant losses.

    • Integration

      On-Premise systems can be more easily integrated with existing business applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software or other internal systems. This can streamline communication processes and improve overall efficiency.

    • Simple Deployment

      If you choose to decommission your existing PBX and reduce costly support costs, connect Teams using our Direct Routing cloud platform delivering Microsoft PBX functionality.