Call Centre Solution

Communicate & collaborate with Avoira’s call centre solution.

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    Communicate & collaborate with Avoira's call centre solution
    Call Centre Solution

    Communicate & collaborate with Avoira's call centre solution

    Catering for call centres of all shapes and sizes Avoira’s call centre solution will meet the needs of any call centre from 5 agents to 500+ agents.

    Avoira’s contact centre software solution allows agents to interact with customers via voice, email, web chat, video, instant messaging, fax and social media – improving customer service, reducing costs and supporting your workers requirements from wherever they are based.

    Cloud contact centre software allows a business to do call monitoring, quality management, intelligent routing, call recording, plus many more call centre operations, etc.

    Explore our Call Centre Solution

    • Call Centre Software Solution

      Best in Class Contact Centre Solutions:

      Avoira work with multiple contact centre solutions vendors integrating into a multitude of platforms to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions that meet their specific requirements.

      We provide Omni-channel Call Centre solution, inbound and outbound calls and solutions that can integrate into the platform of choice be that a traditional on-site PBX, a cloud based PBX and even Microsoft Teams.

      Features and Benefits:

      Avoira’s Call Centre Solution offers:

      • Customer experience across digital channels – Voice, Email, Chat, Social
      • Analytics and reporting insights
      • IVR and Auto Attendant self-service solutions
      • Skills-based routing – get your customers to the right person, first time
      • Online Insights into performance
      • Visual overviews of communication traffic (Wallboards)
      • Easy access to standard reports (pdf and excel)
      • Scheduled reports by email
      • AD Integration
      • Improved contact centre performance and Customer Experience while reducing operational costs
      • Cloud Solutions
      • Workforce Management
    • Next Generation CC Applications

      Embrace the Next Generation:

      Avoira’s Next Generation applications for contact centres can help improve contact centre efficiency, agent performance, contact centre security, contact centre operations and compliance as well as improving your customer and agents experiences.

      Voice Driven IVR:

      Voice Driven IVR’s are designed for businesses looking to quickly and easily upgrade their customer’s calling experience, allowing callers to talk their way through the IVR menu and enable efficient call routing.

      Combining AI and Voice recognition technologies, the Conversational IVR solution features advanced, enterprise-grade Voice Recognition capabilities that instantly automate calling journeys for both customers and internal users, by using simple, intuitive voice requests.

      The readymade solution is GDPR compliant and available on the Cloud or On-Premise, offering rapid deployment from zero-to-service in just a few days.

      • Easily create and adjust flows and menus for inbound calls
      • Supports both internal and customer phone calls
      • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and UC Environments
      • Zero-to-service deployment in a few days

      Biometric Solutions:

      Call Centre Biometrics are primarily used for authentication and security.  A voice is unique and when used to securely access services provides a compliant, streamlined experience for your customers. YOUR VOICE IS YOUR PASSWORD.

    • Contact Centre as a Service

      A scalable, flexible contact centre solution:

      Call Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud based solution that allows businesses to purchase only the technology they need, which reduces the need for large scale upfront investment.  CCaaS offers scalability as operational needs change.  By providing the flexibility to pay for only the technology needed, investment is low and costs are significantly reduced.

      Avoira’s CCaaS solutions simplify call centre technology to quickly meet business objectives and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

      Features and Benefits:

      Avoira’s CCaaS Solutions offer

      • Cloud Contact Centres
      • Omnichannel customer experience – Voice, Email, Chat, Social
      • Analytics and reporting insights
      • IVR and Auto Attendant self-service solutions
      • Skills-based routing – get your customers to the right person, first time
      • Improved contact centre performance and Customer and Agent Experiences while reducing operational costs
      • Improved customer loyalty
    Call Centre Software?
    What is

    Call Centre Software?

    Contact centre solutions or call centre software is a vital tool that facilitates efficient communication between businesses and their customers. It is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and enhance the operations of call centres, ensuring smooth and effective customer interactions. This software is a critical component for organisations that rely heavily on customer support, telemarketing, and other telecommunication activities.

    At its core, call centre software is a centralised platform that integrates various communication channels, including voice calls, emails, chat, and social media, into a single interface. Its primary goal is to optimise the workflow of call centre agents, enabling them to handle customer inquiries, resolve issues, and provide assistance more effectively.

    One key feature of call centre software is the automatic call distribution (ACD) system, which intelligently routes incoming calls to the most appropriate agent based on predefined criteria such as agent availability, skill set, or priority levels. This ensures that customer calls are connected to the right person quickly, reducing wait times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.  Workforce management is essential for operating a high performing contact center.

    Cloud Based Software

    Cloud Based Software

    In addition to ACD, call centre software often includes interactive voice response (IVR) systems, which allow callers to interact with a computerised menu to navigate and choose options without the need for human intervention. This not only expedites issue resolution but also frees up agents to focus on more complex tasks.

    Moreover, call centre software provides robust reporting and analytics tools, offering valuable insights into call centre performance, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction. Supervisors can monitor real-time metrics, track call trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimise operations.

    Modern contact centre software is often cloud-based, providing scalability, flexibility, and accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it easier for businesses to adapt to changing needs and efficiently manage remote or distributed teams.  Cloud contact centre solutions allow contact centres to scale easily as a company grows or at peak times of the year.

    In conclusion, call centre software is a sophisticated solution designed to enhance communication, boost efficiency, and elevate the customer experience in call centre environments. It acts as a central hub, integrating various communication channels and empowering agents with the tools they need to deliver exceptional service.

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