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Handheld Radio

Coverage Enhancement Solutions

When your Handheld radio solution suffers from poor coverage, there are radio network solutions.

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    Seamless coverage enhancements
    Handheld Radio

    Seamless coverage enhancements

    Not having full in-building coverage causes a major communication challenge to many businesses and organisations.  Likewise, working in remote places with challenging terrain can cause areas with limited or even no handheld radio coverage.

    Whatever the environment, having no coverage can lead to issues and frustrations, as well as a drop in productivity and efficiencies.  It can even cause serious problems around security.

    Trust Avoira to provide seamless handheld radio coverage enhancement solutions.


    Emergency services network infill

    Security and Emergency Services Handheld Radio Coverage.


    In building mobile cellular infill

    Seamless in-building and remote mobile coverage


    RF over fibre

    Level up your in-building communication


    Distributed antenna

    Enhanced coverage around the entire site.

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