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Improving Healthcare with Zebra

The Transformative Power of Technology That’s Revolutionising Health and Patient Care

Technology is playing a significant role in driving efficiency in healthcare. Avoira is supporting the industry by partnering with Zebra technologies to enable healthcare providers to  enhance delivery and improve patient care.

Avoira understands the Healthcare industry. Mobile devices coupled with our software are an ideal solution for healthcare providers who need to manage patient data securely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.
Avoira are telecommunication solutions provider and a registered reseller of Zebra Technologies. By working in partnership with the healthcare industry to utilise devices and  software from Zebra we can enhance patient safety, ensuring the right patient receives the right care, medication and treatment through accurate identification and tracking.
At Avoira, our goal is to bring people together through technology. We believe in creating meaningful conversations, promoting faster business growth, and instilling confidence in communication. With over 40 years of experience, we provide comprehensive and seamless telecom solutions without any technical complexities. Our solutions are customised and tailored to meet our client’s unique connectivity needs.

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Improving Healthcare with Zebra
Improving Healthcare with Zebra
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