Cx & Speech Analytics Brochure

Our Speech Analytics platform from Xdroid, is a highly sophisticated, AI powered solution that boasts omni-channel capabilities that enables you to improve your contact centre operations from anywhere.

Xdroid has many unique features, including its own Speech engine for capturing voice recordings and transcribing them into text and can also analyse all customer interactions across various channels, including phone calls, text chat, and email.

Acting as a valuable tool for all contact centre personnel, Xdroid provides a 360-degree view of all your call centre traffic and demonstrates exactly where your performance is in relation to your goals with real-time data output. This information and insight provides businesses with a comprehensive view of customer behaviour and sentiment, whilst also acting as a powerful guide for strategic decision-making.

Gaining these valuable insights lead to better business outcomes, enhanced customer service and agent wellbeing, making Speech analytics an essential compon