CARPS Task Management

About Carps Task Management

CARPS facilitates the fast, efficient and accurate management of tasks and patient flow and enables you to manage all your mobile staff via radio and smart devices.

In addition, it yields invaluable performance data to support and demonstrate adherence to service level agreements.
Whether you’re managing a single multiple buildings, CARPS can identify and unleash operational efficiencies, allowing you to track mobile staff and  their tasks, preventing the need for time-wasting returns to a central base.

New resource location, bed and patient management functions

The latest CARPS modules can help you drive service standards and efficiencies still higher.

The CARPS Resource Locator pinpoints the location of wheelchairs, gas bottles, catering carts and other key assets, enabling faster commencement and resolution of tasks.

Typically integrated with a hospital’s Patient Administration System, CARPS Bed, Bed Cleaning & Patient Management module provides real-time patient and bed updates and automatically generates bed and bay cleaning tasks.

Flexible and user friendly

Requiring minimal computer skills, CARPS enables either a single controller to manage an entire mobile staff presence, or multiple controllers to  collectively run specific teams.

You can optimise staff utilisation and enhance service provision by pooling mobile staff whilst still delivering rapid responses to task requests.

By streamlining and accelerating task management, CARPS Clinical enables more efficient and responsive service delivery. By helping optimise use of finite clinical resources, it can enhance patient satisfaction, staff wellbeing and clinical outcomes.

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