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Exclusive 3 year UK Agreement for Xdroid

December 2, 2022


Avoira has extended an exclusive agreement with specialist software developer Xdroid for the supply and implementation of its pioneering real-time interaction analytics solution. 

The new three-year contract follows the relationship struck between the two companies in 2018 which saw Bury-headquartered Avoira first launch the Xdroid solution in the UK. 

Exclusive 3 year UK Agreement for Xdroid

Ground Breaking Software

The groundbreaking software can capture, analyse and transcribe every customer communication, regardless of whether dialogue is enabled through telephone, email, chat or social media platforms. 

Capable of learning industry and client specific vocabularies, Xdroid flags keywords and detects a range of emotions such as displeasure, uncertainty, disappointment or happiness. The software then delivers on-screen prompts which steer advisors to engage in specific actions to optimise call outcomes. 

Aside from delivery insights into agent performance across a range of metrics, the software is increasingly being deployed to support agent wellbeing.  

The signing of the new deal at Xdroid’s global headquarters in Budapest underlines Avoira’s success in penetrating key UK markets.  


Exclusive 3 year UK Agreement for Xdroid

Since that launch the technology solutions provider has designed, implemented and hosted bespoke Xdroid solutions for a variety of public and private sector organisations. These include major UK government bodies, telecommunications, debt collection and insurance businesses. 

Last year Avoira also announced a milestone partnership with Capita. This placed Xdroid at the heart of their consulting, transformation and digital services business with a solution called – Assisted Customer Services. 

Commenting on the new agreement, Gerry de Graaf, Xdroid’s joint chief executive officer said: “Avoira’s specialist expertise has been instrumental in establishing Xdroid as the pre-eminent interaction analytics solution in the UK call centre market.  

“Their professional skill and service commitment has enabled clients to tailor the solution to their precise needs, achieve best practice, greatly enhance sales and service performance and optimise regulatory compliance. 

Avoira’s managing director Dr. Andrew Roberts commented: “The extension of Avoira and Xdroid’s partnership will let us further build upon our shared successes and continue to deliver the innovative, digitally empowered speech technology services that have earned the trust and confidence of our clients.” 

He added that the solution’s unique real-time, emotion detecting capabilities and comprehensive reporting tools mean it is continuing to gain traction across a broad range of markets. 

“Many businesses remain reliant on manual analysis of sample calls, which is neither comprehensive nor objective,” he explains. “Xdroid analyses every call and reports the performance of individual agents, agent groups and departments, scoring against selected indicators, such as adherence to internal or regulatory protocols.  

“Those benefits are generic but particularly pertinent to regulated businesses such as financial and professional services firms, many of whom now face a significant regulatory burden.  

“Areas such as identification of vulnerable customers and subscription to consumer duty regulations are increasingly hot topics.” 

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