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Inch Perfect Trials Case Study

Inch Perfect Trials

Inch Perfect Trials Case Study

The Client

Founded by former motorcycle trials rider, Matthew Alpe, Inch Perfect Trials provide expert tuition and adrenaline-fuelled trial experience days.

These are hosted by professional trial riders at a challenging 100-acre site in the stunning Ribble Valley. Their guests get to hone their skills and enjoy thrilling off-road rides on both petrol and electric trials bikes.

Business Needs

Being both rural and undulating, the location of Inch Perfect Trials presented the company with considerable communication challenges. “With our remote location we struggle for mobile phone reception, and we needed a way for our instructors out in the field to contact the shop in case of breakdowns or emergencies,” explains Office Manager, Charlotte Fearnhead.

“We tried radios in the past but where we are is very hilly and found that once you got to a hill, unless you could see who you wanted to talk to, they didn’t work.”

To address the problem Inch Perfect called in Avoira’s specialist two-way radio team.

To determine how best to overcome the challenges presented by the terrain, our engineers surveyed the site before presenting a location-specific solution. That on-site visit inspired confidence that – unlike with the company’s previous experience with two-way radios – clear and reliable communication could be delivered.

“The communication is really clear and we’ve not had any drop-outs at all. It’s absolutely amazing.” Charlotte Fearnhead, Office Manager, Inch Perfect Trials.

The Solution

Our specialists recommended use of Hytera DMR PD785 VHF portable radios. Superior call quality is among the benefits of this durable, light and ergonomically designed handset. This is delivered through the application of narrowband codec, digital error-correction technologies and Automatic gain control (AGC). These ensure greater clarity in noisy environments or when the radios are operating at the edge of their coverage area, with AGC further optimising voice communication.

To ensure 100% coverage across all 100 acres, Avoira also recommended siting a Hytera HR1065 VHF digital repeater on top of one the company’s buildings.

Whilst compact, this unit packs a punch, with impressive processing capacity and the ability to communicate between various systems, including VoIP and PSTN telephony.

Crucially for Inch Perfect Trials, it offers heightened receiver sensitivity (RX) which extends the communication range.

In addition, web-based smart management enables remote configuration and upgrades. This means Avoira’s service team can assist the company when off-site under the managed radio service incorporated within the solution.

The Benefits

“The communication is really clear, and we’ve not had any drop-outs at all. It’s absolutely amazing,” reports Charlotte. “The radios Avoira recommended are proving invaluable and a great addition to our set up.” Pointing out that the radios are also simple to use, she says the whole solution has proven great value.

The company’s instructors have also welcomed the new set up.

“They have confidence that if anything happens, they can immediately contact base,” she says, pointing out that robust and reliable communications also ease the smooth running of operations. “Previously if anything went wrong in the field, the instructors had to take time away from their group and come up to base, sort everything out and then go back. “Now they can just radio up and the guys here will go down.”

The immediacy of that communication clearly also enhances Inch Perfect’s health and safety protocols.

Summing up, Charlotte concludes: “We approached Avoira for a practical and effective solution and they provided us with a set of radios that do just the job!”


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We approached Avoira for a practical and effective solution and they provided us with a set of radios that do just the job!
Charlotte Fearnhead
Office Manager
5 stars
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