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Reduce costs and improve efficiency with our Network Services solution. We can help you design, deliver, and manage the best networking solution for your business, and offer a Free Network Audit which provides you with a detailed survey report.

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    Servicing your Network
    Network Services

    Servicing your Network

    World-class infrastructure is an integral communication tool for every business, ensuring that organisations and people can work together reducing costs and improving efficiency.  We can help with all sorts of network services including:

    • A full network audit to assess the coverage and performance of your network and to make recommendations to support your ways of working.
    • WiFi assessment and installation to make sure you have full network coverage and you don’t suffer from dead spots.
    • LAN network services to keep your fixed assets connected and performing well.
    • Broadband connectivity is key for good internet access.  Having the best internal system can fall down with a poor external connectivity supplier.
    • Having an up to date Cyber security network can protect your business, when it’s needed most.  Network attacks are all too common and can cause major problems without the right protection.
    A FREE Network Audit
    Would You Benefit From

    A FREE Network Audit

    • The way we work has changed with hybrid working and the huge growth of Microsoft Teams, but what does the future look like? Moving your data and applications from a locally stored version to the cloud, and the imminent ISDN/PSTN switch off seem to be on everyone’s minds. Cyber criminals can hack into a network and hold respected companies to ransom for their own data.
    • Avoira can support you with a range of technology services, including consulting, design, implementation, and support. We have specialist skills in Unified Communications, IT Services and Cyber Security.
    • The audit will be conducted over a mix of on-site and video conferencing. It will be undertaken by one of our technical specialists who will write a detailed survey report which will include an overview of current infrastructure and offer any advice where needed.
    East Lancashire Railway
    Case Study

    East Lancashire Railway

    Attracting over 200,000 annual visitors, the East Lancashire Railway is one of Greater Manchester’s premier tourist attractions.

    ELR’s IT network infrastructure was aged, fragmented and fragile. It was time to move to cloud computing, their existing infrastructure included aging and consistently failing servers, slow, copper-enabled internet and dependence on slave PCs for home working. A host of changes were made to ELR’s IT network.

    “Transformative is the only way I can describe it, the partnership with Avoira is invaluable and the Avoira Team are now indispensable to ELR.”

    – Nicola Rooney, Business Support Manager

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