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About Carps Clinical

Initially developed in the 1990s and proven in the field at over 165 hospitals, CARPS facilitates the fast, efficient and accurate management and auditing of tasks. The technology conceived to support non-clinical services and facilities’ managers has now been complemented by a sophisticated solution
specifically designed to aid clinicians and nurses.

This powerful technology harmonises and optimises clinical task management, enabling the entry, allocation and monitoring of tasks via PCs, tablets or mobile devices. It can also be integrated with existing patient management systems.

CARPS Clinical eliminates inefficient, fragmented chains of instruction based around paper, pager, phone and personal communications. It empowers clinicians – including mobile clinical leads – and nurses to allocate, monitor and reallocate tasks in accordance with real-time resource availability and
clinical priorities.

It also provides extensive automation tools. These can be configured to manage task allocation by individual or team, deliver priority escalation and key performance indicator (KPI) alerts and generate detailed management reports.

By streamlining and accelerating task management, CARPS Clinical enables more efficient and responsive service delivery. By helping optimise use of finite clinical resources, it can enhance patient satisfaction, staff wellbeing and clinical outcomes.

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