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So you want to invite remote participants to your meeting?

AV & Video Conferencing

AV & Video Conferencing

It’s not always possible to get everyone together in the same room, but don’t let that stop you trying.  With Unified Communications platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or 8×8, you can invite remote participants to join your meeting.  It doesn’t matter where you are, with the right room set-up and equipment, everyone can particpate and be engaged.

Let us guide you through the process of wirelessly sharing your laptop and also getting your meeting enabled on-line and connected within the Sedum meeting room at the Pure Offices in Leeds.

  • The Sedum Room is now equipped with a Barco Clickshare Wireless USB-C device and a Poly Studio X70 All-In-One Video Bar for large meeting rooms.
  • You can use the Barco Clickshare to wirelessly share your laptop to the wall-mounted display – no need to use the HDMI cable any more. The Barco device also automatically connects the Poly X70 soundbar so any audio in your presentation will sound much better for the other people in the room. You can control the volume via your laptop.
  • Simply plug in the Barco Clickshare to a USB-C port on your laptop. The first time you use it, it will install the Clickshare app on your laptop. This app allows you to choose precisely what you are sharing to the display, rather than just duplicating what is on your laptop. For every subsequent meeting when you use the Clickshare it will automatically connect to the app.
  • If you are using the system for an on-line meeting with remote participants, use your own laptop – you are familiar with how it works and most of the preparation can be done outside of the meeting room.
  • Set-up your on-line meeting using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, 8×8 or any other Unified Communications Platform.  Send the invitation to everyone who needs to be invited and then wait for the day and time of the meeting.
  • Before the meeting is due to start plug the Barco Clickshare Wireless USB-C device into your laptop, as described above.
  • Open the ClickShare App or client in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. When the Button changes to static white it is ready to share. Click the Button. The Button changes to static red and your screen is shared. Using the app, you can choose precisely what you want to share.
  • Join your on-line meeting through your laptop and any remote participants will be included into the meeting – you can see each other, talk to each other and share presentations etc.
  • After your meeting is finished, remove the Barco Clickshare device and you’re done.
Room solutions for every meeting
Video Conferencing

Room solutions for every meeting

Read our article on choosing the right room solution for different meeting room sizes.

Studio X70 Video Bar

Studio X70 Video Bar

The Poly Studio X70 all-in-one video bar for large rooms is the perfect choice when you want integrated camera, microphone and speakers in a large meeting room space.

The Poly Studio X70 video bar combines stunning design with razor-sharp 4K video and boardroom-filling stereo that brings your large meeting rooms to life. Its all-in-one construction means you can trash all those annoying cables and stop bothering your IT people for help. And with its AI-driven video and audio experiences, the Poly Studio X70 turns any large-room video call into a hassle-free delight.

ClickShare CX-50

ClickShare CX-50

ClickShare CX-50 enables wireless conferencing in large meeting spaces and board rooms.  Start a meeting from your laptop within seconds, using your preferred video conferencing platform. Make hybrid meetings easy, with just one click on the ClickShare Button or the ClickShare App, both for employees and guests.

You can use your existing meeting room equipment, laptop and trusted videoconferencing platform. In any type of meeting room. And your guests can join from any device.



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AV & Video Conferencing