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Is direct routing right for the education sector?

July 12, 2022

Teaching means talking, and in a learning environment reliant on communication – not to mention recovering from two years of major infrastructural challenge – the way educators communicate is becoming increasingly tech-dependant.

By now, the events of 2020 have left more than a lasting impression on educators, who have long relied on solutions such as Microsoft Teams to deliver lessons and learning virtually. Yet this solution – while invaluable – is just another communicative solution to manage. That’s why, for educators using Teams, Direct Routing is an invaluable addition to your communicative tech.

Is direct routing right for the education sector?

How does direct routing evolve the educational experience?

As well as an operational benefits, Direct Routing has specific advantages to the educational sector that will make the future of remote, Cloud-connected and on-prem comms a major benefit to the learning experience.


I’ve been delighted at how stable the service has been. That’s testament to the work Avoira and my team did in planning and getting the design and roll-out right. 

Justin Williams, Wrexham University director of information services 

Student needs

Whether it’s special learning provisions or bilingual teaching, Microsoft Teams enables users to overcome communication issues with features such as the translator option. Because Direct Routing bestows all of your communications with Teams’ transformative abilities, such features are available over your private branch, VoIP Telephony and Teams software; users are no longer beholden to using Teams if they want the benefits of tech-driven telecoms.

Is direct routing right for the education sector?

The clearing process

For universities, clearing can be call-heavy, difficult to organise on the fly and complex to adapt to, owing to the many different ways that applicants can get in contact. With Teams Direct Routing, the calling process can be made much more manageable through Teams – not least when even basic calls can be connected to several of your compatible, third-party applications.

everyone available, always

Students, staff even guardians – you need ways to manage multiple communications, quickly and to multiple recipients. With a Direct Routing solution, you not only make it easier to manage these communications in bulk, but you deliver faster, deeper service to those that need it. When parents need to request or divulge information, they do so to a communicative solution that works in tandem with your data, software and solutions. Processes are faster, more accurate and let important contacts reach you via multiple, easily managed channels.

Uniting people through technology

At Avoira, we’re committed to connectivity – uniting users, their clients and their technologies for more meaningful conversations, faster business growth and confidence in their comms.

To find out how our Direct Routing solutions, and our experience with the education sector, can help transform your teaching as well as your telecoms, why not download our in-depth guide, Direct Routing: the most complete communication platform for education?

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