Food banks receive donations from Avoira

Scott Mordue
Scott Mordue
December 21, 2022

Various food banks located around Bury, Bristol, Warrington, and Leeds have all benefited this month thanks to the generous donations from the staff at Avoira.

The collections took place across all Avoira offices and were organised by the company’s HR Manager, Ann Barnes. With the support of Ruth Hayes (Bury) Andrea Towers, (Bristol) Steve Evans (Warrington), and Georgina Mattock (Leeds).

Our local food banks rely on donations to continue to supply food, toiletries, and cleaning products to families in need. The cost of living has contributed to more and more families relying on these critical services, with many local food banks reporting that they support up to 2,000 individuals each month.

Despite the stretch that is felt by most of us this winter, the kind staff at Avoira have donated over 500 items that will go directly to support those in need this Christmas.



“Our stock levels have seen a reduction this yearMore people are being forced to use the foodbank than ever before; we could not continue to do what we do without the support of local businesses like Avoira. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the collection”.

Jo Warburton, The Brandlesholme Community Centre in Bury.