Beckers Group Case Study

The Client

Beckers Group is a multi-national company which produces an extensive range of high performance coating solutions to serve a variety of industries and applications.

With a 150-year trading pedigree, the company operates 23 production sites in 17 countries and employs 1,800 staff.

In Speke, Becker Industrial Coatings manufactures specialist coil and general industrial coatings and is home to a major worldwide research facility.


Business Needs

Beckers was looking to repurpose a room previously used as offices and return it to its original function as a meeting room.

But another imperative was also at play, with the Speke site selected to host the group’s annual senior executive meeting.

That meeting would see the majority of the executive visiting in person to host a meeting attended remotely by figures from across the company’s worldwide network.

This meant that a state-of-the-art meeting facility was required.

“The driving force behind the project was that we have a Global Executive Committee which meets every year at a different site. They advised us that they had chosen Speke for the 2023 meeting and so we reviewed our facilities,” explains IT Services Manager, Mike Pomfret.

“This dovetailed nicely with the room being emptied out and I and the senior managers agreed that this was the one we were going to refurbish.”

“We decided to engage with Avoira because they have a legacy of successful involvement on our site,” says Mike.

“They previously installed and upgraded our video-conferencing facilities and have fitted various projectors, screens and other pieces of kit over the years.

“Avoira have always done a good job for us so they were obviously the first port of call.”

The Solution

Having discussed various ideas internally Mike called in Avoira as a trusted supplier to offer expert advice, arranging a meeting with his senior managers to discuss the company’s needs and challenges.

It was productive, with Adam Feakins, our Head of AV Sales & Operations suggesting a solution which thus far had not been on the agenda, “Adam suggested going for a Microsoft Teams Room which we’d not really looked at. It was a lightbulb moment because we are so heavily integrated with Microsoft. With our global IT, over the years there has been an increasing
transition to Microsoft products and Teams has been central to that. It’s an essential business tool.

“Adam took us through Teams Rooms and it seemed to make perfect sense.”

Getting it right was important as no other Beckers site worldwide had implemented a Teams meeting room. “We were going to be the trailblazers which meant that everyone was keen to see how it was going to work.”

As part of our comprehensive and independent consultancy service, we specified a range of audio-visual equipment to deliver a superior Teams experience.

“Avoira put together a great quote, really clear and with all the equipment Microsoft certified which was a stipulation of our global IT team,” reports Mike.

At the heart of our solution is Yealink’s MVC S90 Microsoft Teams Room System, a professional AV platform specifically designed for extra large rooms.

This incorporates dual UVC86 intelligent cameras, an MCore Pro mini-PC and MTouch Plus touch panel and a Room Sensor. The latter automatically activates displays and the touch panel when someone enters the room. To deliver full room audio and comprehensive pick-up, we specified four Yealink VCM38 ceiling mounted microphones, complemented by Yealink soundbars.

The display set-up comprises two wall-mounted Sony Bravia 4k 85” UHD smart TVs, with a similarly high spec 55” Sony screen mounted in the middle of the room to ensure all-round visibility. Our team worked closely with Mike along with his colleague Mark Murray, the Speke Maintenance Team and Becker Group’s global head of IT infrastructure to ensure not just the compatibility of our specification with existing technologies, but its smooth implementation.

“We had concerns as regards the licensing and network integration as our Global IT administer key aspects of this, so this required some consultation with them and Avoira to set up the meeting room account and licenses.

“Our head of global IT infrastructure was really impressed with the schematic of the licensing and configurations that Avoira sent through.”

The Benefits

The positives of our solution were evident before the technology was even switched on. “The installation was brilliant!” enthuses Mike.

“I couldn’t fault Avoira’s engineers. It was a fantastic job.”

Configuration issues that did arise were swiftly dealt with either by Avoira engineers on site or through remote consultation with Beckers US based global head of IT infrastructure. The job was also completed in a timely fashion, with the room kitted out three weeks before the Speke site needed host that all important meeting.

This gave time not only for Avoira to deliver training but for Mike and his colleagues to familiarise themselves with the new kit.

Come D-Day and all went exceptionally smoothly. “The meeting went very well to the point that our regional president said we have the ‘best meeting room in Beckers’ worldwide. I think it definitely is too.”

Those watching the trailblazing project from the sidelines are also impressed. “It’s testimony to its success that we’ve had enquiries from other sites in Beckers Group as to what we’ve done. A guy from Germany emailed me just an hour ago so we’re setting up a demo for him.”

He adds that the Teams Room has been so well received in Speke that the company is looking to extend the concept across the site.

“Again it’s testimony to how well it’s gone that we are now discussing with Avoira turning some of the other meeting rooms into Teams Rooms” confirms Mike


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“Avoira put together a great quote, really clear and with all the equipment Microsoft certified which was a stipulation of our global IT team… Our global head of IT was really impressed with the schematic of the licensing and configurations that Avoira sent through."
Mike Pomfret
IT Services Manager, Becker Industrial Coatings.
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